The face of true devotion

This gorgeous photograph was taken on Good Friday. The parents of the little boy in the picture found him sat, his hand on his heart, praying to Jesus before the Calvary in our church grounds. Nobody had asked him to do this and nobody posed the picture.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and this one surely does. And each of those words is profoundly beautiful. I have noticed in life that many people with special needs are very spiritually aware. It seems to me that God comes close to them and gives them many special graces.

The simple trust, the heartfelt devotion, the lack of cynicism and total trust captured in this photograph help us make sense of Jesus when he said “unless you become as little children you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven” May we learn to love Christ as does this little boy…

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2 thoughts on “The face of true devotion

  1. Thank you Fr Ed, beautifully put. I am sure a childs simple innocence enables him to see God more clearly and reach him more directly.

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