Lent Charity 2019

This year we are again supporting Aid to the Church in Need. Specifically their Lent appeal that seeks to raise income to support impoverished Christian families who have been displaced from their homes by violence, persecution and war.

£100 will support a nun working with the refugees for three months. £166 will support a family for a month by providing food, shelter and clothing. £45 will provide a food basket for a month. Please give generously.

Almsgiving is one of the Lenten disciplines. It should not simply entail throwing a few coins to the poor. A gift that we hardly notice. It should entail a gift that is considered and sacrificial. One good idea is to use money saved by giving up beer or chocolate or wine or whatever you have chosen throughout Lent. Another good idea is to save a little through the year for annual donations in Lent and Advent. But however you choose to do your almsgiving do it from the heart as an act of faith. We are so fortunate in terms of our comfort in the UK- no matter how tight the budget may be. Do not harm your economic stability – but please give generously. 

It is our stricy policy in Pembury to provide only for small charities and local projects where money will genuinely aid the poor. We steer away from large charities that spend large slices of income on salaries and administration and charities that have become self serving business models that can even harm the economic development of vulnerable communities. We must learn to help put people back on their feet when in crisis not to create entire communities dependent on aid and held down forever. 

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2 thoughts on “Lent Charity 2019

  1. I agree completely, Father Ed, with your reservations about large charities. I remember how shocked I was a couple of years ago when I discovered just how much the British Red Cross was paying its Director of Fundraising – far more than is necessary to lead a reasonable life in this country. And he wasn’t even the boss. Talk about a gravy train!

    So I understand, and endorse, your decision to support a small charity that seeks to help displaced families.

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