Freddie and Isaac


It was all go on the baptism front this morning and, rather amazingly, both parties provided an additional clergyman! At 9:15am baby Isaac became the first child baptised at St. Anselm’s according to the Ordinariate liturgy; Divine Worship. Isaac’s grandfather is an Anglican minister and he very ably led the intercessions for us. He is pictured holding the baptismal candle.


At 12:30pm we had a stand alone baptismal ceremony for baby Freddie. And because his uncle is a Catholic priest I took a back seat, aside from preaching a homily, and allowed him to celebrate the liturgy which he did very ably. Both services were joyous occasions and we were delighted to add two new members to Christ’s church here on earth.

Both babies are also regular members of our congregation. How we delight in the presence of young families. Please pray for Isaac and Freddie that they may ever remain close to the Lord Jesus in life and grow into the people God calls them to be.

Baptisms complete I am now away from parish duties for a fortnight. There will be no midweek worship- unless stated on the blog. Next Sunday morning we welcome Fr. Simon Heans, of the Ordinariate, as celebrant for the Mass. The following Sunday Fr. Mark Elliot-Smith, also of the Ordinariate, will be the celebrant. I am very grateful to them for offering to cover in my absence, what with Fr. Nicholas deep in the undergrowth of some jungle on the other side of the globe….

In an emergency contact any of the local deanery churches. The only person resident at the presbytery will be my  father in law who is kindly painting in the wake of the electrical problems. What a top man!

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  1. Prayers for both Freddie and Isaac as they begin their Christian lives, prayers also parents and especially Godparents that they will carry out their duties of Godparents, sincerely, seriously and that we pray for Godparents.

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