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  1. Father Ed,

    Thank you for this recording of your inspiring talk this week at Corpus Christi. I was unable to be there and am so glad to have been able to listen to it on your blog. Words cannot express how much I value what you said.

  2. I’ve got some difficulty with the video – my system security is blocking it (nothing to do with the web site or the video). I think that I will be able to get around that problem shortly when I’ll be able to use a refurbished older machine using Linux. Some points come to mind from just looking around the world. Christianity in all its ‘flavours’ is under attack. The major thrust, at the moment, is directed to the heart of the Catholic Churches. The Orthodox Churches are seeing the same type of split that took them away from Rome. But it is a wider attack than that. Other faiths also are under attack, usually by fundamentalist extremists. Similarly moral values which have sustained cultures, secular or religious, for generations are being undermined in the guise of a liberal inclusiveness and non-discrimination. The global figures for abuse of minors and the vulnerable are enormous and make the church figures seem minor. But, the church is the one place where it should not happen ever. In Japan alone in the last year there were over 80252 cases of suspect abuse referred to child welfare centres, 4,751 children taken into protective custody.

    The church must break out of the matrix of rubbish that its enemy seeks to bury it in. We must also remember that The Lord forecast attacks of scandal and had very harsh words to say about those who scandalized His little ones (note:- not just children). He has guaranteed that he will see his Ecclesia through the morass. I came upon the Japanese data in a news broadcast after watching a martial arts programme from NHK World which is carried by Virgin media. Literally, God alone knows the full extent of the problem world-wide. That kind of data makes our problems seem relatively minor and that is the danger because it can engender a false sense of relative calm and that will not do. The Church has another balancing act to perform, which has been touched upon by Fr. Ed earlier. The secular world demands revenge and punishment whereas the Gospel asks for conversion, repentance , reconciliation and forgiveness and makes that available to all those who genuinely seek it. That mercy does not exclude and may require that the repentant individual surrender to and accept whatever civil punishment is required.

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