Tony Benn RIP


I can probably number on one hand the politicians I truly believe were/are motivated by interest of others not self. Tony Benn, who has died after a long illness, tops that list. Which is strange given that  he and I would have disagreed on a great many things.

As the nation mourns his loss my own prayer is that, regardless of political party affiliation, we can create more politicians of his ilk. For it would undoubtedly lead to a better, fairer and more gracious society. For he was undeniably a good man.

I think what I am ultimately trying to say is that he was a gentleman first and a politician second. Which is true of very few others today…

3 thoughts on “Tony Benn RIP”

  1. Having lived through that time, I cannot alter my opinion of him now he is dead. But my thoughts and pravers dre of course for his family, friend7 and of his soul.

  2. Having met him a couple of times, I feel he was a genuine politician not a self seeker. may he rest in peace.

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