In celebration of Mothers…


This morning I spent a happy time with the Key Stage 1 children of Saint Augustine’s Catholic Primary School, having been invited to speak at their special Mothers Day Celebration. It was delightful. There were lots of songs- all sung with joyful enthusiasm- poems and a drama. Best of all the children were full of sparkle and life and yet impeccably behaved. Well done to them!

During the assembly, aside from my poor attempts at humour, I spoke about the love Catholics need to develop for three special mothers.  First  our earthly mother, next our heavenly mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and also our Mother Church. For like a Mother the church is there to guide and support us in life. All three of these Mother’s are precious and in need of our love and devotion at a time when our culture is forgetting how important the family is.

Interestingly it is the last of these Mothers (as I listed them), the Church, that inspired all Mother’s Day celebrations. For a custom grew up  centuries ago whereby people returned to their  “mother church”- most usually the nearest Cathedral-  on Laetare Sunday.  Anyone who did  was said to have gone “a-mothering”. Before long it became normative for domestic servants to be given the day off (after their visit to church!) to spend time with their mothers and family. And so “Mothering Sunday” was born.

This Sunday at Saint Anselm’s the austere purple of Lent gives way to the softer pink of Laetare Sunday. And both the 9:15am and 11am Mass at Saint Anselm’s will be held in honour of the three great Catholic mothers. Posies will be handed to the ladies of the congregation during the last hymn and one will be presented before the image of Our Lady as we sing the Angelus after Mass. Our guest preacher will be Fr. Paul Mason, who has recently taken over the duties of retired area bishop, John Hine.

The following day I shall be venturing to Sidcup with the boys, it being my day off. Because my sister lives there and my own mother is staying this weekend. There I shall wish her a very happy Mother’s Day over lunch together. So here is to you mum…I am sure you will be delighted to learn that I used this photograph of you in your bathing suit for our assembly this morning!! Wasn’t that good of me. The year was around 1978 at a guess….

Oh and don’t forget the clocks go forward this weekend


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