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On May 24th there is to be a special celebration of rugby at Tunbridge Wells Rugby Football Club. Four teams will compete in a mini tournament during a day of family fun. There will be a BBQ, band and bouncy castle (for children) as well as lots of liquid refreshment for the players.

So who is competing? First, and most importantly, a team named the “Mad Bob XV”. Mad Bob was a close friend of one of the Tunbridge Wells players who lost a fight to cancer recently. This team will be playing to honour his memory as he was a life long rugby man. His wife and children will be with us.

The second team is the “Father Ed XV”  gathering together in celebration of my 40th year on earth. This team comprises a mix of Tunbridge Wells players and old school and university chums.

The third is a Chairman’s XV drafting players from the club. They will play in the predictable Welsh red- the Chairman being a Taffy. And finally there is to be an Essex XV drawn together from old friends in Brentwood. It promises to be enormous fun!

So how is this a advertising opportunity? Because I am looking for a sponsor on the day (who would help purchase the shirts for the Father Ed XV). The design is pictured above and, I hope you noticed, features a cross!

If we manage to find a sponsor then they would be guaranteed lots of positive publicity- not only on the day but also via this popular blog (3.5 million hits and rising)  and the local press. The cost is very reasonable indeed and anyone wanting to discuss this further can email me on

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  1. Is there a problem with your blog? Or is it the readers? Everyone now seems to be commenting on the previous posting. Julie’s comment has nothing to do with Rugby shirts, and yesterday Ron Crane’s comment had nothing to do with BST!

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