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There are those on this blog who believe I am harsh in criticising modernist liberalism within Christianity. So be it. My criticism will continue because  I sincerely believe liberalism anathema; a cancer to true and living faith in Christ Jesus. The leading cause of decline. But as to being harsh- well compared to the much loved Mother Angelica, who formed the EWTN network and who turned 92 this week, I am a pussy-cat!

The video above shows her speaking out against the erosion of Catholic life caused by liberal modernism. Her message delivered following an evening in which she had been subjected to liturgical dance in which Christ was depicted as a woman. Mother was not happy! Scroll to the 8 minute mark if you are short of time to see the main thrust of her arguments. Her points remain valid.

The fortunate thing today is that the fruit of liberalism, or rather the lack of it, is becoming obvious. Wherever the liberal agenda has been attempted there you find a loss of vocation, closure of parishes, disunity, loss of youth and loss of men. And what seemed novel, even trendy, forty years ago is now looking dated and deeply unfashionable.  The trend is therefore reversing. Young people today either seek traditional Catholicism or drop out of church altogether.

It leaves a situation on the ground reminiscent of Aristophanes’s “The Wasps”. A generational divide exists in which an elderly leadership hungers for novelty and rebellion- the desire to conform to the world- whilst the younger generation wants to adhere to that which is conventional- the desire to be in the world but not of the world. How much more orthodox is the average Seminarian of 2015 than the average bishop! Thus the pendulum is swinging. This is the last watch of liberal Catholicism before the clock is rolled back. Which is why I predict, that within twenty years, radical change will come.

There may be a few more tricky years to endure yet but then will come a time of rediscovery. A third spring. That which was downplayed will be re-emphasised. Beauty will matter once more. Churches will be re-ordered to restore their former glory. And the church will finally be ready to put into place the actual teaching of Vatican II. For she will have ditched liberal modernism, that politically inspired mess that masqueraded as V2 but was, in truth, a wilful deviation from it.

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29 thoughts on “Feisty nuns

  1. I follow Mother Angelica on Facebook and yes, yesterday, she was speaking out about liberalism in the Catholic chur h in America.

  2. Going back into the mists of time, I actually enjoyed reading Aristophanes in Greek. It might be why some Greek has stuck but not much Latin That tells you how old I might be. I understand that very few schools teach Greek now.

    1. Are you referring to Aristophanes? I think his stuff is the seed corn for the some of our modern comedy. The Goodies and Monty Python come to mind, as just two examples. His comedy is ‘nutty’ but as for the man himself, I doubt it. He had to be very clever and creative to get where he did. I still think it read better in the original Greek than in translation but I don’t think I could read it so easily now.

  3. Ed, keep up the good work in criticising the liberal agenda and we’ll continue to pick you up on your assuming many of the things you disagree are a part of this agenda….it simply isn’t and its where you draw that line that many on this blog disagree with you.

    I’ve been a fan of Mother Angelica for many years since the inception of EWTN I think.

    Just out of interest how does this video in which she is very angry (rightly so IMO) sit with your view that it’s others who are angry towards orthodox not visa versa? She’s clearly angry here, you clearly are at times and so am I.

  4. If this is the face of illiberal Catholicism, this bad-tempered old woman hitting out indiscriminately at anything she dislikes, thank God I say for liberal modernism.

    1. Trouble sleeping tonight. Thought I’d watch Mother Angelica.
      Reminded me of Old Mother Demdike in Harrison Ainsworth’s Lancashire Witches.
      Now I’m scared to put the light out!

    2. The same Liberal Modernism that is so tolerant and generous that even mild Climate Change sceptics have public hangings wished on them? And don’t even think of saying a word about gay marriage unless it’s to say that we need more of it.

        1. No it is not. Marriage remains what God made it. Man can pretend all he wants and try to redefine it but that does not change truth one iota.

          1. At V2 the church did a u turn. For the first time it accepted the concept of religious freedom and the right of others to disagree with its teaching. This must mean that people of other faiths and none have a right to believe in their own ethics . No one forces a Catholic to get divorced, re-married or enter into a gay marrige. Nevertheless these things are quite rightly allowed for those who choose them. It is the choice
            that is moral not the possibility under the law.
            No doubt many Muslims would like to impose Sharia Law and I don’t doubt that some Catholics would like to legislate our faith too . But this is not the way in a democracy . As long as we are free to live our faith as we wish we have no right to tell others what they should believe or accept.
            If the church is to allow freedom of conscience and ethical belief to others we must stop trying to ram our beliefs down other people’s gullets.
            If we want,what we believe to be God’s truths and the good news of the Gospel, to be believed then we must spread the Gospel and evangelise and stop all condemnation. We have to stop denouncing and using dogma and doctrine like sledgehammers.
            But most of all we must not fuel our arguments with aggression, bigotry and prejudice.

          2. I trust and believe that God founded his church on the Apostles. And i try to be faithful to the teaching of the church encouraging fidelity and distrusting dissent. Simple really.

        2. Just because something is a fact, I should desist from commenting on it? Genocide, religious persecution, abortion? They’re all facts. But say nothing, eh?

          1. Genocide, religious persecution and abortion!
            You are honestly equating the commitment of two people with mass murder of nations, imprisonment and torture, and the murder of infants in the womb?
            I rather think that is somewhat out of proportion to say the very least.

          2. Except that gay marriage is fast turning into persecution of those religious people who do not believe in it. And most who support it are also passionate advocates of abortion…

    3. You’ve hit their weakness on the head there Margaret. There is a kind of orthodox Christian who is humble, perceptive, quite and insightful. There is also the kind that blows of steam from time to time and repels people away from the orthodox faith.

      To be fair to Mthr Angelica and Fr Ed, I think we all go to and fro through these extremes.

  5. Mother Angelica has the courage of her convictions and should be applauded for that, unlike the sisters of the LCWR, who have in their own words left Christ behind and yet still masquerade as Catholic.
    She was also acquainted with suffering. I listened to a recording of her on EWTN last night, in which she spoke of her parents divorce and the terror that she experienced as a six year old. It showed her to be truly human as well as being orthodox.

    1. I seem to remember that Jesus was not exactly popular in certain quarters when He ‘hit out’ at things He (with Divine authority) disliked. Are we to say that God is wrong? If anyone subscribes to that view then they are not Christian. There are still those who would stifle His voice. But then there was the statement about some people would not believe even if someone came back from the dead.

  6. May I add another comment?
    The late Gerard Hughes wrote, “Beware of religious men and women who know all about God and his ways – especially for others – and lack gentleness!’
    I dare say Mother A. has her gentle side, but in this clip she comes across as a hard-faced angry battleaxe – and very scary. Is this someone who seems in touch with God?
    Gerard Hughes is one of those whom traditionalists would condemn for their liberalism, but I guess he is someone who has helped more people to know God in a real way than all the heresy-hunters and pronouncers of anathema put together.

  7. Isn’t all of this evidence that the Catholic and Anglican churches are not that different after all?

    Granted RCs have a model that has many strengths and some weaknesses, but the similarities are there.

  8. What follows is subject to my agnosticism and is, therefore, a gross impertinence on a Catholic blog. I apologise accordingly
    but there we are.

    I don’t like this obviously arrogant and graceless woman nor other professional Catholic telly performers. EWTN is a vulgar American embarrassment. I find them all rather sinister and privately pleased with themselves. Nothing is said with humility or elegance, including the ghastly contributions of Archbishop Fulton J Sheen: a dreadful example of mad arrogance in the cloak of Humility and Truth.

    Faith through reason does not work. Look at the embarrassing shambles of Humani Generis and its total failure to deal with original sin in the context of evolution: in my opinion, the biggest unsolved problem of Christian apologetics; alongside, of course, the perpetual difficulty of free will and evil/ suffering/ Providence/ Sovereignty.

    Even the best contemporary Christian apologists, such as Edward Feser and Alvin Plantinga, are all over the shop on these matters. We should probably leave aside, for the moment, the question of why there is anything at all, because that always seems to me to give rise to the question: well, why should there not be something rather than nothing? Perhaps Something is just that which is?

    No, the answer lies in silence and in the contemplation and practice of Love, in our being together in Love. That is what Christ taught us, isn’t it?

    I always think that it lies most plainly in the terminally ill and in the hopeless of all sorts, in the weak and the inept and the doomed (so they think) and in the responses they provoke from the complacent.

    If only we could/would shut up, and sit up, and contemplate, and love each other then the consequences of that silence and that attention and that contemplative love would ineluctably follow – and they would, therefore, be doctrinally pure. I think that this is the agenda of the present Pope, though he’s making a meal of it.

    After all, His meaning is love. Or sometimes I hope it is.

  9. Fr Ed,
    Where is your evidence for linking tolerance of Gay Marriage to agreement with abortion?
    Many of the so called Christians who feel persecuted because they can no longer exhibit homophobic prejudice are just hypocrites.

  10. David

    It’s good that you seem to have reconsidered your statement that because something is a fact we should simply get over it. I never said that gay marriage was the equivalent of say genocide.
    As for gay marriage being a minor order issue: that did not strike me to be particularly the case when the liberal community was lobbying for it. When our political leaders were all over it like a rash, desperately trying to get with the programme. As many said then: gay? you have civil partnerships. That is a fact. Get over it.

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