Divine Worship is turning heads


There is a hilarious post over on the Southern Orders blog wherein the writer, thoroughly impressed with Divine Worship – the new Missal for the Ordinariate- vents his spleen regarding the fact that, as a cradle Catholic, he is not allowed to use it! His tongue is clearly in his cheek but a serious point is being made. He believes Divine Worship is much more faithful to the documents and intention of Vatican II, a modern rite dripping with reverence and solemnity and with clear roots in the Extraordinary form.  He just cannot understand why it is not being rolled out for Catholics everywhere!

I agree that Divine Worship is stunning. A fantastic achievement and one of the more tangible fruits of Pope Benedict’s ‘reform of the reform’ It is faithful to his vision for a mutual enrichment which bridges the gap between the Extraordinary Form and the Novus Ordo.

This morning, at the 9:15am Mass, Divine Worship will, of course, be used. And that means we begin with the more ancient form of the asperges, the priest vested in cope. The Mass so perfectly befits the plainsong and Latin chant settings that will be used. Meaning that the long Latin introit but now becomes a part of the action as the priest changes from Cope to Chasuble and censes the altar for Mass. Beauty, dignity, reverence, majesty- these are the words being used by those who are enjoying Divine Worship at St. Anselm’s.

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2 thoughts on “Divine Worship is turning heads

  1. Thanks be to God that we have been entrusted with this wonderful liturgy to enrich our devotional lives. It links the piety of our ancestors to the outreach of the present and future Church.

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