Rome be warned…


This week the media will likely go into overdrive reporting the unhappy news that global Anglicanism is dead. Why even the Archbishop of Canterbury admits it! The communion is damaged beyond repair and so he has called a meeting in which the split is to be finalised. Doubtless it will be painful and messy, divorces always are.

That there is a schism is therefore beyond question. What is less clear, for those interested in truth over polemic, is what is actually causing the split. So it is here I urge you to be careful when reading your newspaper of listening to the radio. A wilful distortion is bound to arise as the powers spin the news to suit their political agendas….

I predict the death of global Anglicanism will be presented to us as a cause celebre for political correctness, secular values and cultural Marxism. We will be led to believe the division centres only on homosexuality; with enlightened liberal goodies on the one hand, and intolerant conservative baddies on the other. If so a great disservice for truth will be delivered. Because what is really going on is much deeper and more concerning than that.

Understand the division within Anglicanism, which is alive and pressing within Catholicism too, is not about any one particular moral or doctrinal issue. Disagreement might be obvious when such questions arise are but they are only symptomatic not causal.

What is really ripping apart the body of Christ is a deeper, more fundamental issue. That which centres on the very claims of Christianity itself. A heresy has arisen which causes profound difference of belief not just opinion. And it goes all the way from grass roots to the upper echelons of every major Christian denomination today. For that reason it is a serious problem indeed.

What we really have then are conventional Christians on one hand. Those who hold to the clear teaching of scripture and historic doctrine and who believe that our faith is the same yesterday, today and forever. A group of orthodox believers who believe Mary really was Virgin, that Christ really was God incarnate, that the miracles did occur, that heaven and hell are realities. These people can be summed up as believing that the world should conform to Christ.

On the other hand are modernists. Those who have been secularised, in truth, who have lost their faith but do not wish to lose their Christian culture and identity. Many do not believe Jesus was God, they explain away miracles and the Virgin birth. These people would not conform the world to Christ but the church to the world! They want us to listen to the values of modern society not to the faith and values of the historic church. They do not really believe in heaven and hell and so they want to water down the revelation and change what scripture plainly says.

The orthodox are, of course, the true face of the church. The ones who stand by the martyrs and saints in all ages. A group who are in the minority amongst the liberalised and declining Church in the West, where power is held for historic reason. But who tend to be in the majority where the faith is actually blossoming, amongst the poorer nations of African and Asia. The blossoming amongst the more orthodox is no coincidence. God blesses that which is faithful.

So do you now see why African Anglicans no longer wish to do business with modernist counterparts in Canterbury? Do you also see why this situation of an African/European standoff is mirrored in Rome; just witness the war of words between Cardinals Sarah and Kaspar during the Synod on the family! Modernism, spurred on by the powerful media and governments of the secular culture it champions- is grappling with those who still cling to the faith of the ages. And it is this battle which rages in our day.

And it has to be a battle. For the two views are diametrically opposed. Like train tracks heading in different directions the gap increases all the time until anything attempting to hold them together must be pulled apart. And yet ‘trying to hold it all together’ was the foolish but favoured tactic of both Anglican and Catholic prelates throughout the 20th Century. Time and again promotions went, not to energetic and zealous soldiers of Christ, but to inoffensive bureaucrats whose dullness would cause no offence, thereby keeping the institution together. At least that was the plan…it hasn’t worked. Hence the threat of schism throughout the Christian world.

Within Anglicanism the modernists have now all but taken the Church in the West. And they consider the loss of Africa an acceptable price to pay for ushering in gay marriage, women bishops and all other badges of honour for a church of cultural Marxist values.

In Catholicism we are not at that stage…yet. But the modernists exist and, because they tend to be of a certain generation, wield enormous power and influence. These being the drivers of the “Spirit of Vatican II”- that which was not what the council anticipated or ordered but which nevertheless occurred in the wake of that synod.  A school of thought which dislikes firm belief, uncompromising values, devotions, altar rails et al but who  delight in ‘the community’, political activism etc.

As stated the schism has now landed in Canterbury. So we must pray for our Anglican friends. As we do so we must also pray for Rome. For schism looms here too and it could be even more divisive and messy and is perhaps, barring a miracle of God, already almost certain.

Understand the miracle we must pray for is not that the church will somehow hold together. For these different beliefs have no business being being together in a spirit of mutual respect. As stated they oppose each other. The miracle we need is that the church will wake from slumber, stand for truth and refute error. A hammer of heretics, as St. Dominic was once called, is needed. But what hope of that is there when so many bishops seem part of the problem not the solution and masculinity seems so out of vogue?

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15 thoughts on “Rome be warned…

  1. LOL. You’ve been promising Armageddon for the Church every minute since you switched across. We’re still holding our breath…… I don’t know how me managed without you Father for all those (2000) years…… 🙂

    1. There is no mention of Armageddon. Only mention of division caused by heresy- and that, sadly, is a long standing story within the life and history of the church.

  2. Father Ed, I have just been listening to the former retired Archbishop of Rochester, he echoed everything you have stated here, so well said Fr Ed. Even though he is Anglican I have alot of respect for him. I feel strongly though that we all should pray for the Anglican Church.

  3. The posting (and all of its predecessors) have the tone of Armageddon; that is what I meant.

    This regular theme of ‘masculinity’ could do with a separate posting so that it can be better understood. Perhaps ‘man up’ by naming names in your regular bishop-bashing sessions……

    By the way, you need to deliver a sermon on the first Sunday of Lent (as do you for every Sunday) under Canon Law.

  4. Thanks – fair enough, although I meant in the context of the 1998 science fiction film meaning ‘big disaster’ rather than whatever that word beginning with E meant. Anyway, good to hear the end is not nigh; thanks for that – it’s not always that clear from some of the stuff you write.

    To be frank, it’s good that you worry about this stuff (someone needs to!) but please quit the bishop bashing, it doesn’t help and detracts from other sensible stuff you post.

  5. Well said Fr. Ed! I agree with you in total. Pope Benedict talked about this assertion of yours in passing; i.e. once when he referred to the increasing pedophilia cases in the USA. I know a priest called Fr. Conrad Saldanha who too has similar views as you. He feels the Marxist-humanist-Satanic (sociological perspective) heresy in its various forms is the greatest infiltration in the church and is the cause for all other problems. He has faced much persecution and maligning at the hands of his Bishops and one of whom is also one of the 9 adviser to the Pope, viz. Cardinal Oswald Gracias

  6. Is it purely coincidence that this has come to the fore at the same time as our true Pope, Benedict, suddenly found it necessary to abdicate? Is it purely coincidence that Pope Francis is a reformer and seems to be hell bent on division? Is it any wonder that so many of us still see Benedict XVI as the true and only head of our faith? Evil is at work in our Church and it’s time to tuen back the clock.

    1. I have no clue as to why you believe that Pope Francis is “Hell bent on division”?
      Christ said “Give your money to the poor and follow me” He also cured the sick , made the lame walk and the blind see and he did not ask for a penny in return nor did he say that we should not give healthcare to those who need it! John Emberson, why is it that you cannot understand his message?

      Mercy above all things!

      It IS merciful to make sure folks have enough to eat, have clothes to wear and have money and health care.

      BE A REAL CATHOLIC Puhleeze!

      1. You have a two-dimensional view of mercy. Without the seldom-mentioned Spiritual Works of Mercy, we only kill people with “kindness” Please don’t convert, please remain an atheist and just do “good” and be “nice” so one might reject Jesus and that’s fine. You suggest that orthodox Catholics do not support the poor, when in fact they practice both the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy, while it seems that it is you who wish it were “either/or.” Now ask the African church their definition of mercy. Then go to China where people are eating, but what is called the “catholic church” is a phoney arm of government — except for what survives underground, which Rome chooses to ignore.

        1. Do you, then, have a private insight into the workings of the relationship of “Rome” with the “puppet – to a certain degree -Church” and the underground church?
          I suggest you consider the consequences of what you seem to be hinting “Rome” should be doing in respect to the underground loyalist church. It is not for nothing that there are unpublished cardinals. The Albanians were a lot more repressive than the Chinese, Yet, the Catholic Church (and theGreek Orthodox Church) both survived quite strongly there. Regularisation of the position in China is what is needed with a full reunification of the two churches but the Comunist Party’s paranoia and desire to control the thoughts of the people make that a difficult task. However, the Lord works in mysterious ways – who can tell what we might see happening.

  7. BTW,

    As a SINGLE Catholic, who is celibate, not even close to being married and not because I have chosen against marriage…

    I think it’s time that we throw the book away that says that Catholics “Magically” find each other and become couples !

    I’m 59 and I am TIRED OF IT!

    Our Roman Catholic Church MUST change..

    IF it is serious about promoting marriage then it must go out and include SINGLES…

    We are LEFT OUT!

    It’s always, always, ALWAYS about Couples who are getting married, Marriage and children!

    1/2 of the entire adult population of America is SINGLE…

    Yes, some of us have been married and divorced….

    Quite a number of us are SINGLE not by choice!

    It’s time for a real “Theology of Singlehood”!

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