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Last Sunday was Septuagesima Sunday meaning that we have entered pre-Lent. Now is the time for the faithful to plan their Lent disciplines. How much money should be set aside for almsgiving? When will I make my confession and how will I ensure I make a good one? When will I attend the Stations of the Cross or make time for extra prayer and devotion? And, of course, there is devotional reading which is to be encouraged in Lent that we grow in our knowledge of Christ. After all it was St. Anselm himself who taught that we cannot love what we do not know!

So I thought it might be good to open this post and allow you, the readers, to recommend good devotional material for this coming Lent. My own suggestions would be:

Jesus of Nazareth:Pope Benedict XVI  From the brain of the greatest living theologian comes this work which is a great choice for those who like a little bit of academic weight to go with the devotional inspiration.

Journey to Easter:Pope Benedict XVI Another might work from my favourite Pope this was the result of a Lent retreat which a younger Joseph Ratzinger delivered for JPII. It is good.

The Priest is not his own: Fulton Sheen An absolute classic and especially good as a reminder to priests of the nature of their vocation. Fulton Sheen had a deep intellect and wisdom that belied his television personality. A gem.

Lent with St. Benedict: Bede Frost. A good book for Lent because it breaks the reading down into daily chunks. It is full of Benedictine insight to delight the soul.

The interior Castle: Teresa of Avila Many people will have read this incredible work full of spiritual insight. But if you have not….do so!

7 secrets of confession: Vinny Flynn A brilliant choice for those nervous about confession, or who have drifted from it. It is a best seller and an easy read. It really helped several people I know.

There are a few from me. And what I have ordered for myself this year is

He leadeth me: Walter Ciszek This autobiographical account of the author’s wrongful imprisonment in Russia has been recommended to me as a powerful and worthwhile read. I will have to let you know…

Do add your own suggestions in the comments…

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