Rugby boot camp

There has been something of a war on masculinity within Western culture for some time. To the extent that our education system routinely favours girls and often fails boys, especially those from poor socio-economic backgrounds. Too often lads are praised for feminine qualities but demonised for anything remotely rugged. And the effect is not good on them or on  society. I fear we are raising a generation of wimps- repressed boys who grow quick to take offence and slow to take responsibility. Factor in the breakdown of the family, which has left many being raised without any positive male role model at all, and the problem is exacerbated.


We need positive male role models both inside and outside of the home. And we must create safe space in which boys can be boys. So I was delighted to involve Benedict in the boot camp which took place at Tunbridge Wells rugby club this week. He is pictured above with his colossal coach Rick, a former special forces man. All the coaches were rugged men like Rick but also fun loving and compassionate. The effect was absolutely magical and there were emotional scenes as the boys and coaches said goodbye this afternoon.

It was also a fun night last night as a few of the TWRFC veterans showed the coaches a good time in town. Live jazz on the pantiles accompanied by a few pints followed by some late ones in a cellar bar. What a great week. I know that the boys are counting down the days to next summer when the boot camp will return. As you can see skills were developed and much fun was had.



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