Vatican here we come!


The day has arrived and the packing has begun. In the very early hours of tomorrow morning 32 of our parishioners head to Rome for a pilgrimage. As you can see we have liturgy and music books of the highest standard. We also have a truly wonderful programme of services and visits sorted.

Those attending the pilgrimage are reminded that the coach departs from St. Anselm’s at 3:15am sharp and from the pickup point in Tunbridge Wells at 3:30am. Dawdle by all means – but understand the bus will not wait! We then head to Gatwick for the early morning flight to Rome- arriving at our hotel just in time to share a delicious lunch at a nearby restaurant.

A few parishioners have noted with amusement that Father Nicholas, having kindly organised our pre-dawn gathering, himself left for Rome last Friday at a far more agreeable hour! For which I have assured them that he will be fined a bottle of wine! He assures me that he is busy sorting things out for a smooth stay but such excuses will fall on deaf ears. I rather like wine.

Please pray for us as we shall pray for you. We will be offering Mass for our parish and those unable to join us, for the residents at East Sutton Park Prison where I am chaplain on a different day and for the intentions of those travelling with us. Most of Rome’s principle churches are expecting us. I really think it is going to be a grace filled time and lots of fun.

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