Reflecting on evangelisation

This is to be a year of evangelisation within our parish. So it was fortuitous that a  day conference on that very subject was run today, at St. Patrick’s Church in Soho Square, by the Guild of Our Lady and St. Joseph in collaboration with the School of the Annunciation in Buckfast.

The speakers were Fr. Jon Bielawski, Episcopal Vicar for Evangelisation in the Diocese of Plymouth, and Michele Thompson, a Fieldworker for Evangelisation in same Diocese. Together they shared lots of advice on how to begin changing the mindset of congregations to begin the active work of sharing faith. They base the work that they do on a book by Sherry Weddell called Forming Intentional Disciples.

I was accompanied by both church wardens and we left feeling that there was much for us to reflect on as we ponder how evangelisation might develop within our own setting in Pembury. A most worthwhile day with lots of food for thought. Watch this space for how things develop….

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