The week ahead

Two special things are happening this week in the parish.

On Wednesday evening, after 7pm Mass, those wishing to support our ‘Year of Evangelisation’ are invited to attend a short meeting. From this meeting a group will then form to proceed, in the coming weeks, to reflect on Sherry Weddell’s book “Forming intentional disciples” This shared reflection will become a catalyst to….who knows? The point being that the canvas is being kept bare for you the lay faithful evangelists of our parish to write on…

If you wish to be a part of this group then you might wish to purchase a copy of the book. You don’t need one by Wednesday but will need one moving forwards. They are available, new and second hand, via Amazon and if anybody needs financial assistance do contact me.

If you are not able to attend meetings you can, of course, nevertheless read the book and support us by private prayer. We hope you will consider this as the book has challenges and ideas for all who profess to be Christian.

On Thursday evening we are holding our Candlemas celebration. A sung Mass will take place at 8pm. This is always a lovely feast which marks the end of the Christmas and Epiphany season. Mass will be celebrated by candlelight. After the service we will put away the crib for another year and remove the trees from the sanctuary. A little help would be gratefully appreciated.

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