Back from Rome

When my daughter Jemima was a tiny girl she asked when I would take her to Rome. In an attempt to kick the football down the road I said ‘when you are 10’ imagining the matter would be forgotten. It wasn’t! So, this being her 10th year, daddy had to put his money where his mouth is and the last few days have been spent in the eternal city. What a wonderful time it was as she enjoyed a belated birthday present.

As you can see we didn’t travel alone but were accompanied by the infamous Fr. Inlaw (not a cleric but Jemima’s grandfather!) And over the course of four days we trekked around 40 miles taking in the greatest sights that this fabulous city has to offer. We checked off St. John Lateran, St Paul beyond the Walls, St Peters, the Catacombs of St. Callistus, the Colosseum, St. Clemente, St. Georgio en Velabro, St, Andrew of the Valley, St. Bartholomew, St. Maria in Minerva and many more! We also enjoyed plenty of ice-creams and pizzas- thanks Grandad!

And there was time to meet friends. On Wednesday evening we caught up with two fine English priests in the Piazza Novona, Fr. Sherbrook of St. Patrick’s Soho and Fr. Neil Brett of Our Lady of Compassion in Upton Park. We also met up with our friend from our link parish in Ghana, Fr. Joseph Aduse, who is currently working in Rome on a three year placement. An excellent supper followed with much laughter and just a little ice cold Limoncello.

Now it is back to the parish and head down for Lent….

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1 thought on “Back from Rome

  1. Got caught on that one too.
    Children (including grandchildren) have long memories and promises must be kept. But Italian ice-cream is worth a visit there at any time. It was a visit to a volcano in our case. Santorini, on advice, met the criteria.

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