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Journalistic integrity

The Mainstream media went into something of a meltdown following Brexit and Trump. For a time there was evidence of angst and soul searching;  how did we leave so many behind on our march into this brave new world? Surely only bigots hold views contrary to our own? Why have they not gone where we have pointed?  The elites seemed shocked that many, whilst afraid to question the zeitgeist publicly, nevertheless registered protest in the privacy of voting booths.

After shock comes anger. Meaning that instead of being correcting the media bias has actually worsened, with many articles now demonstrating a lack of journalistic integrity. Is a woman caught peeing on a golf course- ensure you tie it to Trump– though he had nothing to do with the story and how it unfolded. Have evil men in the Middle East sanctioned gas attacks on the citizens of Syria, be sure to finger Trump for that too. Is Theresa May cosying up to despots in Saudi Arabia? Never mind that most Prime Ministers were just as guilty of this in recent history- make out it is a novelty and blame Brexit! Even where facts are fair the tone is not.

Meanwhile men with real blood on their hands, Castro and Mcguinness, who sanctioned murder, torture and terrorism, are shown in a sympathetic light and afforded obituaries in which their historic crime is downplayed ensuring they are treated like respectable politicians. What does this say about modern journalistic integrity?Becuase, no matter how dangerous you consider Trump to be, how ill suited to a post requiring tact and diplomacy, whilst he has not himself sanctioned such evil then he must be the more credible politician. Yet he alone is held up as the devil incarnate whilst they are shown respect. How it stinks of personal agendas.

As you analyse the modern press, especially the BBC, it becomes clear that the only crime worthy of disdain is a counter to the cultural Marxism! Abortion- meh so what? And make sure you do not scrutinise the various allegations of sexual misconduct that haunt Bill Clinton. But do label Mike Pence misogynist if, in understanding he is a sinner prone to temptation, he refuses to meet women alone. This example is extraordinary. The man trying to honour his wife and remain chaste is castigated- the adulterous man with a string of allegations is deemed ok.

Why mention this on a Catholic blog? It is not because I wish to defend the political right. As it happens I am dubious of Trump and enraged by the anti-family Tory cuts that hurt the disabled and poor. No, I report this because I strongly believe  the current bias in the media must be named, shamed and overthrown. A free and honest press is a vital aspect of any civilised society whilst, in contrast, a media chained down by propaganda – of whatever hue- fails its citizens despite being a favoured tool of authoritarian and monstrous regimes.

I am all for questioning Trump and Brexit. All for questioning the secular zeitgeist now quashing our culture and often proving balmy and cruel in pursuit of its favoured ideology of rampant political correctness.  Indeed I am for questioning anything but- and this is the crucial bit- only in love and respect and in fairness.  What we need is honest and healthy debate. An arena open to learning where the pursuit of truth is not strangled because those controlling the debate are skewing the outcome.  As was once the mainstay of British university life before we invented a need for safe spaces, cancelling debates and fearing alternative viewpoints. How will we ever learn to understand the other…if one side is always demonised and the other ever sold a pass?

It is, I believe, a deeply spiritual matter. For the further from our Christian roots we travel, in the West, the less freedom and democracy we are finding. Division and intolerance are very much on the rise. So is a shackling of the poor and a silencing of alternative viewpoints. No longer are we encouraged to think and speak our mind. This is an era of thought policing and intolerant attitudes; we are taught to  get in line and accept the consensus of the governing elites. Our educational system increasingly teaching us what to think not how to.  And should we dare question- then expect that shriek of outraged indignation, the use of the language of hate and the labelling that will make you a bigoted pariah.  No longer are we judged on what we do- as the pass sold to Castro and McGuinnes make clear. We are judged on what we think. Do we match up with what is expected of us or not?

The infantile myopic manner in whichTrump and Brexit were debated in the first place says it all. So does the violence which followed and the steadfast refusal, on both sides, to listen. Enough then of this snow flake generation and the increasingly intolerant drivers of society. Enough of cretinous ideologies and a rejection of who we really are and the values that made us. I want my old Britain back. The one that was truly liberal and which held to a basic sense of virtue and morality underpinned by Judeo-Christian philosophy.  Which, I strongly suspect, is what many of the voters were actually saying when they registered protests in the booths. Just dont expect the  leaders of this vacuous age to listen….I fear that isn’t part of the plan.

Can we win back the culture- which will take courage and an ability to stand aside from the herd? Or are we going to continue to sleep walk into an era of eroding personal freedom and become slaves to a narrow minded group of zealots? Is the age of journalistic integrity over or can we learn to unite once again? Can we resurrect the Britain of our childhood or have we become the very thing we once set out to defeat? These are serious questions.

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  1. Jack Andrew Hughes

    Couldn’t have said it better myself Father

  2. Steve G

    Trump on torture: Torture works. OK, folks? You know, I have these guys—”Torture doesn’t work!”—believe me, it works. And waterboarding is your minor form. Some people say it’s not actually torture. Let’s assume it is. But they asked me the question: What do you think of waterboarding? Absolutely fine. But we should go much stronger than waterboarding. (Trump: 17.02.2016, factcheck.org)
    I too would like my “lovely old Britain” back. How I miss polio, hanging, universal suffrage for property owning men, being lectured on sexual morality by representatives of an organization riddled with perverts and – above all – the correct use of the apostrophe. #modernistloon68

    • Admin

      If Trump was being criticised for that quote you would have a point. But he isnt. If you think I am rejecting the good changes we have witnessed then you have totally misunderstood my post.

  3. Peter

    Father: at the risk of going off thread, I wonder if you can find out more about this story of the Bishop of Dax.
    I wonder why the process for discipline of bishops created by the Pope was not used. I wonder if this is another selective news story.
    No need to publish this comment.
    Thank you for your blog, Peter

  4. Andrew

    Reading from reports in the press around the area of Bordeaux the bishop had already been reported for inappropriate behaviour when he was an auxiliary bishop in Toulouse. Nothing was, however, found and the case was closed at that time.
    Given that there have been a number of cases reported fairly recently in France of alleged cases of inappropriate behaviour by various clerics not being treated in the way that people expect them to be treated nowadays,the French bishops as a body were anxious to say goodbye for the present to the bishop of Aire and Dax.

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