Holy Saturday at St. Anselm’s

Throughout Lent we prayed to God asking that our Holy Week services would be well attended and that he would bless them, so that those taking part would find their faith enriched and deepened. Those prayers are being answered and, thus far, it has been a really worthwhile holy week in Pembury.  Let’s keep it going!

This morning both priests are available to hear confessions from 9am until 11:30am. Meanwhile the church will be decorated and cleaned for Easter. Do pop along with a duster and some polish and join with the labour!

From 10am- 11:30am the Children’s Easter Workshop is being held. This is a time for our Sunday School children to come together for craft activities and the making of the Easter garden. You do not need to have signed up so just turn up! No chocolate yet but we might find some biscuits at the back of the cupboard….

This evening, at 8pm, we gather for our Vigil Mass of Easter. This is the jewel in the crown of the liturgical year and not to be missed. We light the pascal candle from the bonfire, hear readings from the old covenant gathered in the darkness and then the exultet proclaims the resurrection and Christ is risen! With fanfare the gloria is sung, we bless the waters of the font and end the celebration with a glass of fizz! (NB: this is an archive photo and I fully appreciate that in the year it was taken I somehow neglected to remove my biretta for the procession. Mea Culpa)

On Sunday morning we have a said Mass at 8am and then a joint Mass at 10am. During the 10am Mass we shall be baptising baby Sebastien, the second child of Olivia and Stewart Walduck

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9 thoughts on “Holy Saturday at St. Anselm’s

  1. A very Happy Easter to you and yours Fr.
    Not only had you forgotten to remove your biretta but the Deacon should carry the Paschal Candle. Oh, and you shouldn’t be in a cope.

  2. Why is it important whether you wear a biretta or not? Wear the cope if you are cold outside. Simple as the Meerkats say.

      1. Sorry I can’t resist the temptation 🙂

        I may have misread something. But, I’m not aware of anything in Divine Law which says that clergy, while carrying out the liturgy, should wear what is basically the outdoor dress of a late Roman gentleman of some means. Church law does lay down dress rules for normal liturgical situations. I Doubt that the Apostles and many of the early clergy would have been so dressed. The biretta seems to be optional for many clergy.

  3. @Lee Wiiliams: the cope is correct, but the birettas are indeed a solecism. The simple rule for the biretta – following the once universal custom of the Western Rite – is that it is only worn when processing from one place to another and when seated. It is not worn when carrying any item or performing any liturgical function, though it may be worn when delivering a sermon (when the maniple, and ideally, the chasuble, will have been removed.) I’m sure this was just an oversight of Edward’s in the happy excitement of the occasion.

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