This joyful Eastertide

It has been a glorious Holy Week and Easter at Saint Anselm’s. Here are a few snaps taken by a member of the congregation using a mobile telephone. The quality is therefore not great, but they do offer a little window into our recent devotions. So thank you Lydia! Above we see the holy oils being received on Maundy Thursday.

I preached the sermon on Maundy Thursday- it would appear with some wild gesticulation of the hands! The sermon aimed to show how Jesus did not only replace the Old Covenant Rite of the Passover with the New Covenant rite of the Mass but actually became the new Exodus for us.

Then came the washing of the feet. Which I explained to the congregation has historically been linked with the institution of the priesthood, hence our choice of 12 men to represent the 12 apostles.

Father Nicholas was the celebrant on Maundy Thursday and I assisted him at the altar. After Mass came the stripping of the altars and sanctuary to the traditional psalm.

Then it was time for the watch and silent devotion. Which ran until Midnight and ended with a recitation of Compline by candlelight.

On Good Friday we gathered to meditate on the Passion. Mass began in silence the priests prostrate before the altar.

The choir were in magnificent form for the Triduum, leading the congregational singing and assisting with the worship.

The veneration of the holy cross is always a high point of the Good Friday liturgy.

On Holy Saturday we gathered outside of church to bless the Easter fire at the start of the liturgy. The Paschal candle was lit and carried by the Deacon in procession.

The sermon at the Easter Vigil is always the shortest of the year. It tends to consist of three sentences at most. The liturgy preaches its own message on this day.

After Mass the candle has to be carried to the font during the litany of Saints. Father Nicholas had to ensure the wax didn’t spray over the vestments as he wrestled it from the holder.

Last night we had over 100 people present for the Vigil and a similar number gathered this morning for the Mass and Baptism according to Divine Worship. We have been richly blessed this week. A happy Easter to all blog followers.

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  1. Happy Easter to one and all! Thank you very much Father Ed and Nicholas for your hard work and commitment all year round not just at Easter! Thank you Allison to the wonderful servers and wonderful choir! Who could have imagined nearly six years ago where we would be today?!

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