Day pilgrimage to Ramsgate

The stunningly beautiful Shrine of St. Augustine of Canterbury,Ramsgate, designed by one of England’s most notable architects Augustine Welby Pugin, is the setting for this year’s day pilgrimage for the local Deanery of the Ordinariate (covering Kent and Sussex) which takes place on Saturday June 10th.

The plan is to gather for Mass on arrival and then enjoy a shared lunch (provided at reasonable cost) in the visitor’s centre. After lunch there will be time for a walk along the coast, or visitors can enjoy a tour of the site. The pilgrimage will end with veneration of the relics of St. Augustine. Please consider joining us for this day; not only because it will be personally enjoyable but also because it helps support the local mission of the Ordinariate. It should be a wonderful day out.

The Shrine, which has undergone massive re-development in recent years, is run by Fr Marcus Holden, a long time friend of our parish, who looks forward to welcoming us on the day. He writes:

The Shrine recalls England’s first missionary. Pugin’s magnificent personal church and burial place, dedicated to his patron St Augustine, became, on 1st March 2012, the official shrine commemorating the coming of the Gospel to the Anglo-Saxon peoples. St Augustine who landed near to Ramsgate, sent by Pope Gregory the Great in 597AD, is an inspiration for faith and evangelisation today. We invite pilgrims and general visitors to come to St Augustine’s to pray and worship, to enjoy the beauty of its architecture and to learn about the history of the early saints so closely connected with the identity of Christian England.

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2 thoughts on “Day pilgrimage to Ramsgate

  1. God be with you all on this important occasion! Please keep me in your prayers as I begin to establish an Ordinariate mission here in Prince Edward Island, Canada. The Holy Spirit and St. Augustine richly bless our work for the Glory of the Holy Name! In Christo et Maria.

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