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Confirmation and first communions 2017

A truly wonderful day in Pembury as six children received Holy Communion for the first time. We also had a confirmation of an adult and a special administering of a minor order. All in the presence of our Ordinary, Mgr. Keith Newton, who was the celebrant at Mass.

There are so many lovely photographs of our first communions and confirmations today that a simple blog post will not do. So head on over to my flickr account to enjoy them all. There are some absolute corkers!

We are very grateful to Brian for acting as photographer and uploading them to me so swiftly. And very grateful to all the people who worked so hard to make the event such a success. Thank you! And God bless all those who took another step forward on their journey of faith today.

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  1. Julie

    I was very sorry to miss this happy occasion. I did try to be there. Congratulations to Benedict and all the others that received their first Holy Communion on Sunday, they all looked beautiful and Benny was very smart indeed!

  2. MV

    You can tell that your Ordinary is now a real catholic in that he wears his pectoral cross underneath his chasuble, quite correctly, unlike most Anglican prelates.

  3. Lee Williams

    Bishop of Brentwood never seems too
    And the Holy Father in a previous world didn’t even bother with a cord!

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