Catholics in India; the review

Around 30 children descended on St. Anselm’s this week for the annual children’s holiday club. This year the theme was “Catholics in India” which gave us a rich source of ideas for craft, activities and games.

Each day the children enjoyed creating art, small and large, and playing games together in the church grounds. Old favourites like ‘what is the time Mr Wolf?’ and ‘stuck in the mud’ proved especially popular.

After refreshment of juice and biscuits, demolished in seconds, the children came into church each day for a short talk on the faith. The overall theme was “Being Saints” and, given the topic, special focus was given to St. Thomas, who took the faith to India, St. Theresa of Calcutta, who famously cared for India’s poorest and St. Alphonsa, the first Indian female Saint beatified by Pope Benedict in 2008.


Sanskrit T-Shirts were made as well as giant maps of India, complete with geographical features like mountains and rivers. The children learnt about the Indian national animals, plants, sports and much more.

On the final day, this morning, the children made a giant Mango tree. It was a lot of fun even if most of the helpers ended up with as much paint on them as on the tree!

And a herd of Elephants were created by clever use of milk cartons. It has been noted that the elephant at the back seems somewhat alarmed!!

Marbled images of jungle animals helped the children think about camouflage. Can you spot the beasts lurking within?

And amidst all the activity there was lots of laughter and friendship. Many of the children are now veterans of the holiday club and eagerly look forward to taking part. Most attend our church but we also attract children from other churches in the local deanery.

Lotus flowers and peacocks took up yesterday afternoon. The names refer to the owners not the birds, I think….

And we used coloured rice to create some beautiful images on card. Here you can see the Indian flag as well as various patterns.

Alas we could not produce the wonderful coloured spices which you can see in an Indian street market. But we all agreed the stained rice looked almost as good…

We owe a debt of gratitude to all the adult helpers and especially to Hayley, who spends weeks planning the craft and getting everything ready. Her hard work produces so much joy for the little ones. Whatever will the theme be next year?

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  1. I hope Hayley can have another of a rest now after the holiday club. Hayley puts in so much hard work, thought he time into the holiday clubs!

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