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Congratulations Tom & Eireana

Congratulations to Tom & Eireana who are getting married next autumn. Before moving to Bournemouth, to be closer to his fiancé, Tom was a a regular worshipper at St. Anselm’s and, for a period of time, our Director of Music. He was also a part of the original Ordinariate Group who moved across from St. Barnabas parish in nearby Tunbridge Wells.

I am sure the entire congregation will join me in wishing the couple all the best for the future as they embrace the holy estate of Christian matrimony.

Tom will never be forgotten in Pembury due to our purchase of a digital hymnal, used when regular organist Peter (and Francis) cannot play; it has been nicknamed ‘Robot Tom’! But although it gets us through services without missing a note- it could never replace the real thing! Congratulations to them both…by which I refer to Tom and Eireana not Tom and Robot Tom.

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Mass of the Assumption


Ding! Dong! The bells are going to chime!

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  1. Julie

    Many congratulations to you both Eireana and Tom!

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