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Isn’t this a wonderful photograph of our refurbished Sacred Heart chapel? It really shows off the fine quality of our C. R Ashbee reredos in all of its beauty. The beauty of the celebrant is a more subjective matter on which I have no desire to comment.

This post is to alert locals that, as of this morning, I am away from parish duties until Saturday 2nd September. As Father Nicholas is also away- on his tour of the far East and spending time with his son who is resident there- it means there will be no midweek worship until the 2nd of September, when 9am Mass will be offered.

Next Sunday Deacon Robert Smith will conduct an 8am service of holy communion from the reserved sacrament in place of Low Mass. We then welcome Fr. Simon Heans, of the Ordinariate, as celebrant for the 9:15am and 11am Mass. Having subbed for us a few times already he is known to the parish and we are very grateful to him. Welcome back!

Meanwhile I shall be spending a few days in Brittany. The children inform me that there is much work to do;sand to be dug, castles to be constructed and ice cream to consume. I myself am thinking more of crepes, cider, beer wine, cheese, snails and good wine! It should be lots of fun and I will try to share news on this blog.

A big thank you, in my absence, to our extra-ordinary ministers who will ensure the sacrament gets to the sick. Dishonest crooks please note that the presbytery will not be empty but in regular use and under close scrutiny! If you need a priest in an emergency then telephone St. Augustine’s parish in Tunbridge Wells on 01892 522525.

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2 thoughts on “Liturgy notice

  1. Brittany hmmm….
    Fond memories when our kids were young. Lots of good food, wine and coffee to be had. Don’t now about the snails though. Have a good time.

  2. Honest crooks should apply in writing, giving at least two references. Dishonest crooks, give yourselves up immediately. Tautology is futile. Happy hols.

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