Regarding Jacob Rees-Mogg

It shocked the modern world. A Catholic MP who subscribes to Catholic teaching. Who actually respects the Church instead of belittling it. Can you imagine?! What shock!  How unimaginably out of touch. Doesn’t this foolish man realise we have moved on?  That wholesale destruction of babies in the womb is enlightened choice and that removing a consideration of children from the marital bond, to accommodate adult sexual tastes, is a sign of stunning progress? How dare he?!!

The interview was embarrassing; it was men against boys in terms of intellectual understanding. The MP showing knowledge of what rightly pertains to State and what is privately held belief within the democratic process. The interviewers baying for his blood as they tried to enforce the narrow group think of modern culture. Just when did we turn into a new version of old Soviet Russia; whereby we are told what to think and believe and closed down by hate labelling should we dare to transgress? So much for free speech and liberality in intolerant PC Britain. One hears the voice of Napoleon in Animal Farm – “four legs good, two legs bad!”

Both Jacob Rees-Mogg and Tim Farron reveal to us that anti-Christian bigotry is not only thriving but growing in modern Britain. Indeed one detects real malice and spite for those who believe in, say, the sanctity of life from conception to the grave, or who uphold marriage as a union for one man and one woman due to the manner in which babies are made. Why so much hatred for alternative views? Why are Christian beliefs no longer to be tolerated? Why so much venom?

The demonisation of Christianity we witness should alarm us all. For history teaches dehumanisation of any minority is a step on the road to persecution. So thank God for the courage of Jacob Rees-Mogg who, unlike Farron, refuses to apologise for his faith. Why should he? What a breath of fresh air to witness such integrity. He is doing more good than he knows- even if he pays a heavy price in terms of preferment. For he holds up a mirror to the brave new world and, in the vitriol showed towards him, we understand better the creeping intolerance of our present culture. It must be stopped.

Why do they hate us? Why are the thought police so enraged by Catholic teaching?Because their brave new world is constructed on flimsy foundation. Their philosophy is parasitical and only alive because it feeds off the fruits of the very culture it now seeks to consume. Having jettisoned Judeo-Christian moral thinking, they have replaced it with nothing beyond sentiment and feelings. They have no real contribution to make which is why we decline. And unable to underpin emotionally charged arguments with reasoning, they close down debate and hate label instead. The Emperor would soon be shown to be naked, on issues like gender fluidity- should the wisdom of historic Judea-Christian culture be given fair voice at the table.

Of your goodness pray for Christian MPs across the political spectrum. The authentic ones not the pseudo pick and mix variety who are part of the problem not the cure. Pray for an end to the brave new world failing us all. And pray that our nation rediscovers its Christian faith before something more sinister replaces it. For that is the real danger of vacuous modern secularism- it creates empty space where faith and vision should exist- and nature abhors a vacuum and dark forces are always waiting in the wings.

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21 thoughts on “Regarding Jacob Rees-Mogg

  1. What if in three years, Cardinal Sarah was Pope, and Jacob Rees-Mogg was Prime Minister? Hope is a duty, dreaming an option.

  2. Absolutely. As a Catholic these issues are incredibly important to me – the right of everyone to life, and that only God can define marriage. After watching the interview yesterday, I felt on fire, and couldn’t stop thanking God for Jacob Rees Mogg’s courage. At last, a faithful Catholic putting everything on the line for Christ, and putting Our Lord Jesus Christ first, and before his career. Utterly inspiring. I’ve emailed him to thank him, and will certainly be praying for him and others as you suggest. Thanks be to God – all heaven rejoiced yesterday!!!

    1. This man is a member of a party whose policies have seen an increase in homelessness and child poverty and the systematic destruction of the institutions that protect the health and education of those not rich enough to pay. I cannot understand how any true Christian never mind a Catholic would vote Conservative. Rees-Mogg uses tax havens abroad to avoid paying tax in the UK and is using his religion to promote his own political career. The championing of him by the Church is distasteful in the extreme and will alienate many more progressive Catholics – of which I am one – than it will increase the footfall
      to Church of the traditionalists posting on here. I teach my Children to be a witness to Christ by giving to those less fortunate and by being forgiving and understanding to their own and others transgressions – in line with the sacrament of reconciliation. Pope Francis himself has spoken about being tolerant and understanding of unmarried mothers and gay people giving a clear message that demonising and judging is not appropriate or Christian.

      1. I am not a Tory and have never ever voted Conservative since I first voted in 1978. I do not agree with Jacob Rees Mogg about many many things. I do think however that we should listen to the other point of view and, to adopt one of your expressions, not “demonise and judge” those who think differently. In this regard I would recommend Ann Widdecombe’s autobiography as a useful read.

        However there are at least two accusations in your piece which I would be interested if you could expand on:-

        1. Where, when and how exactly has he used the Church to advance his career? Judging by the reaction to this interview (as well as that to a few other comments he has made which have referenced standard Catholic teaching to which I would hope we all progressive and traditionalist adhere) openly avowed serious Catholicism of the type he practices and preaches – unlike those supposedly Catholic MPs who vote in favour of abortion at every hands turn – has been anything but a career advantage to him.

        2. Where is the evidence that he uses tax havens? And even if he does are you saying this is illegal?

  3. A superb example from Rees-Mogg. Given the hatred to which this courageous man is now being subjected, we await with confidence the vigorous public support of Cardinal Nichols.

  4. As Christians become a persecuted minority perhaps we will become eligible for protection like all the other minority groups!Its an ill wind that blows no good.
    One can only respect Rees Mogg in his courageous advocacy of life beginning at the moment of conception and his defence of his views on marriage, even though this will have prevented him from ever becoming party leader. However I still believe that he is more respected than vilified and he remains a force for good in the party and in tha Commons.

  5. It’s a shame that JRM is such a Brideshead wannabe wally, and that his politics are so odious, cos I thoroughly admire him for standing up on this. If he started to talk normally and joined the Labour party I would vote for him.

  6. Lionel,

    Every person who attains salvation does so through the death on the cross of Jesus Christ and through the merits of his perfect sacrifice to the Father. This does not mean that you have to be a catholic or even a Christian to deserve eternal salvation. All will be judged by God on the way they have lived their lives and followed the truth as they have understood it.
    Jesus founded the church and it is the highway to heaven, but there are byways and footpaths and it is even possible to reach heaven climbing over mountains of obstacles. No one except the Father can know or judge any one.
    If It is true that there is no salvation outside the church then the concept of the church as regards salvation must include all those who are saved. We know that the one true church subsists in the Catholic Church but the Holy Spirit is not limited to its boundaries and He acts and sanctifies where He will.
    No one enters Heaven except through the merits of Jesus Christ but it is up to Him how these merits are applied.

  7. On a slightly lighter note I did think the funniest bit in this exchange was when Piers Morgan spluttered that he was a Catholic and he was in favour of gay marriage. Yeah.
    Piers Morgan is a Catholic in the same way that Robert Mugabe is.

    1. Hi Mary,

      According to a recent poll 72% of Australian Catholics support civil marriage for gay people. This is a higher % than among Anglicans and the free churches.
      Consider also the amazing result of the vote by the Catholics of Ireland. However I believe that whilst many Catholics support civil marriage for all, this does not mean that they consider gay civil marriages the same as sacramental catholic marriages between a man and a woman.
      I think that the main reason that some Catholics support gay civil marriage is more about believing in equality under the law than seeing parity with traditional matrimony.
      At the end of the day the sky did not fall in and marriage as an institution has not been affected by the change in the law in the U.K.
      Indeed the real damage done to marriage in the last couple of generations results from the behaviour of married people themselves and cannot be laid at the door of gay people.
      Further more even the member for the eighteenth century said he would attend a gay marriage and hope to enjoy it!

      1. As I think you know David I am very sympathetic to your point of view. I have no difficulty at all with gay couples having all the protections, right and duties afforded to heterosexual married couples. My difficulty is calling that status marriage when i do not believe that marriage by its very nature, whether civil or sacramental, can be same gender. You might ask “Well what is the problem calling it marriage even if it “really” isn’t?” and that is a good question. The answer I think is that from such tiny seemingly insignificant changes revolutionary tsunamis develop (if you will excuse the mixed metaphor). Once you allow that marriage even if that is only what the law calls it not the Church, can be other than it has been for all of recorded human history where does it end? And what will be the cost to society? I also however agree with you about the wholesale damage done by heterosexual married couples over the years to the marital status.
        I heartily disagree with Jacob Rees Mogg about just about everything he stands for politically but I cannot denigrate his courage, courtesy and compassion in this interview. By contrast the interviewers sounded shrill and intolerant. Which they were. For a further absolutely hilarious spin on this try reading:-


        What is particularly wonderful is how the top commentator below the line totally waterholes her arguments whether from a Catholic or a non Catholic perspective by succinctly asking “So what is Pope Francis’ view on abortion and gay marriage?”


  8. It may be worth remembering the origin of the word ‘Catholic’ as applied to the church. It has a significance which goes way beyond what a lot of folks think When Christian writings, like the Gospels, began to appear, the language used was Hellenistic Greek. (even educated Romans spoke Greek socially). It seems that it was thought that a form of words had to be found to indicate that His Church (Εκκλησία in modern and ancient Greek) was for everybody who wished to accept His indication to follow Him. The result was the use of the words Καθολική Εκκλησία (Modern Greek – not that different from Ancient Greek). For the Εκκλησία to function as the route to Him in future centuries, there was and is the need for the granting of authority to forgive, bind and loosen to the Apostles and their successors.

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