Behold the wood of the cross

A reminder that the Sevenoaks Ordinariate Group resumes this evening. Mass, according to Divine Worship, will be offered at St. Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Church in Sevenoaks at 7:30pm.

Today the church throughout the world celebrates the feast of the exultation of the Holy Cross; a wonderful opportunity, outside of holy week itself, to reflect on God’s extraordinary work of salvation and his sacrifice on behalf of us all.

Mass, according to the Novus Ordo, is also being offered at St. Anselm’s at 10am this morning, the usual slot for Thursday Low Mass.

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1 thought on “Behold the wood of the cross

  1. There was no other good enough…
    We have been given Christ in the Mass. We have nothing of ourselves good enough to offer back to God in sorrow for our sins and in love for Him.

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