Heave- ho!

Early this afternoon a goodly gang of St. Anselmites descended upon the parish of St. Thomas in Sevenoaks to claim ownership of an ancient font which, for many years, has been unused and weathered by the elements. Task one was cleaning with scrubbing brush and warm water. A task trusted to the children but watched over by Father Nicholas.

Then it was time for muscle. The chaps working hard for what proved the most taxing and ardous part of the afternoon. Moving the font, which weighs well in excess of 0.8 tons, to where it was needed. It was no easy task.

Having spent nearly an hour, rolling the font on a collapsing trolley to the side of the road, we finally managed to drop it into position on the ramps of the trailer. We then pushed it up the ramp and onto the trailer for transit. ~Then we headed for St. Anselm’s with gusto.

As we were man-handling font onto the trailer something extraordinary occurred. Adrian, who had sold us a font lid via Ebay, texted a message to state that he had, on whim, decided to drive from Mount Snowdon to visit us in Pembury!!??? Thereby ensuring the lid to the font arrived seconds after the font itself. The latest curious story, imbued with spiritual significance, that begs belief in the Holy Spirit as regards the growth of the Ordinariate in Pembury.

Having moved font and lid into place, the working party moved to the pub. Stories and laughter were shared and we marked another chapter in the evolution of liturgical life at St. Anselm’s. There is cleaning to be done but our humble little parish now has a font worthy of baptismal celebration; thanks be to God!

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2 thoughts on “Heave- ho!

  1. Lovely.
    A question
    1) are you planning on getting a rood and screen to create a proper division between Priest and laity? I’m sure one could be built!

    1. Ours is a small parish and thus we operate with a very modest budget. The next phase is the installation of a new stained glass window and update of lighting- which is beyond poor at present. Then…who knows?! But I like your thinking!!

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