Off to Otford

The Sevenoaks Ordinariate Group has been meeting at St. Thomas’ church in Sevenoaks on alternate Thursday evenings. But this will not be possible over the coming months when the church is used for catechesis of first communion candidates. There are an army of them- well done Sevenoaks parish!

So the Ordinariate group is on the move and will now meet at the Catholic church in the village of Otford. A setting akin to Pembury which, I suspect, will prove a better fit not least as the smaller size of venue will afford greater intimacy. Also I have long held an inexplicable hunch that it is where the Sevenoaks group is meant to be. Certainly it was where the Group was originally invited to settle, though that didn’t work out at the time.

Divine Worship Mass will be offered this coming Thursday at 7:30pm. The doors will open from 7pm for those who wish to pray before hand. Everyone is welcome to attend and my thanks to Deacon Robert for organising the transition smoothly- what an asset to have a deacon- and to Fr. David Gibbons at Sevenoaks for continuing to support us in friendship. (NB: He is not to be confused with Fr. Paul Gibbons who leads the Maidstone Ordinariate – as is frequently happening!)

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