Tolpuddle nuptials

Congratulations to Tom Davis, one time member of our parish, who married his bride, Eireana in the ancient church of St. Andrew’s, Tolpuddle on Saturday. The two now fly off to Italy for honeymoon and I am sure the entire congregation here, and all readers of the blog, will join me in praying that their future life is a happy and fruitful one.

The service was interesting professionally as it was conducted according to the Apostolic Pentecostal tradition, to which Eireana belongs. A liturgical expression, it is fair to state, at the opposite end of the liturgical candle to St. Anselm’s. It wasn’t quite enough to raise aloft the arms of Fr. Leviseur or myself… though we might have raised an eyebrow; stiff and boring English gentlemen, like us, never were suited to charismatic worship!

After the service the guests travelled to a superb venue to enjoy a delicious wedding breakfast, and evening’s entertainment. Above you see a good photograph of the couple ruined by some grandad in a bib. Does he look a little familiar to those of us in Pembury?

The venue was Athelhampton House, a gorgeous 15th Century residence in Dorset. The food really was first rate and so were the musicians. And as the evening drew to an end it was delightful to enjoy time away from children and parish to sit in the gardens with Hayley, chatting, as we gazed up at the night sky in all its magnificence. No matter how many years married – we need such time together.

As you see below the one obvious flaw is that the guest list could have been pruned. That grubby white feather, christened Macaroni, having been located in the grounds where Father and I took a tour of the gardens before dinner. Dickens anyone? I had planned to wear my own clerical frock coat but, can you believe it, it seems to have shrunk in the wardrobe over the last year….

Congratulations Tom and Eireana- God bless you both.

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4 thoughts on “Tolpuddle nuptials

  1. I’m intrigued. Was this an Anglican Parish Church? If so, how could another denomination use it for a marriage, unless it was a blessing following a registry office ceremony.
    Some years ago, when I was a Rural Dean I was approached by an RC lady who wished to be married in the Anglican church which her priest borrowed to take a weekly mass. At the time I was told that any wedding in the church had to be conducted by an Anglican priest, as it was not a registered building for other marriages. I therefore took the marriage, we sang a hymn and then the RC priest celebrated a nuptial mass.

  2. It was lovely seeing you all there! Just for liturgical exactness – the ceremony was actually that of Citygate, the Commission/New Frontiers church we attend. Tim (who took the marriage) leads an Apostolic church, but is an old family friend. And you’re quite right, the ceremony was preceded by the shortest possible visit to a registry office – so short in fact the Registrar had to go back and add in an additional sentence that might have been enthusiastically over-cut!

    1. Thanks for the clarification Tom. I must admit that I would woefully fail any test on the differences between New Frontiers and Apostolic Pentecostalism- so please excuse any inaccuracy in my reporting! Hope the honeymoon was fun. And, in a priestly capacity, please know that the Catholicism, you so passionately embraced, will always have a door open for you….don’t forget us!

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