Shoebox appeal 2017

We are going to support the shoebox appeal again this year as a parish. It is such a simple but effective way of showing care to those living in poverty and sharing the good news of Christ’s birth in a way that reflects an authentic Christian outlook.

The deadline for receiving the boxes is 7th November. The boxes we fill as a parish will then be added to those being organised by the children and families at St. Augustine’s school. They will then be collected by the organisation running the programme and driven to Albania in time for Christmas.

There are six steps to filling your shoebox. Forms are available in church.

  1. An obvious first step is to source an empty shoebox.
  2. Wrap shoebox in festive wrapping paper.
  3. Pack the box with suitable items
  4. Fill out form to inform if box is best for child, man, elderly etc…
  5. Add a donation – at least £3 to cover postage.
  6. Deliver the box to church or St. Augustine’s school

The best items to pack are soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, hat, scarf and gloves, socks, small toys, sweets, stationary, etc…

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