All Saints & All Souls

This week we celebrate two great feasts within the Catholic Church.

On Wednesday the white/gold vestments will be out to celebrate the feast of All Saints. A day of holy obligation meaning that all Catholics, save the gravely ill and very young children, should be present at Mass. In Pembury we shall hold a special Sung Mass at 7pm to which everyone is invited. In the morning I celebrate Mass for our local Catholic Secondary School and in the afternoon for Catholics in a local prison.

This will be followed, on Thursday, by the feast of All Souls when we shall be using the beautiful black vestments. A time when the church throughout the world prays for the holy souls in purgatory. A time to consider our own mortality and eternal destination.

It has become a custom in Pembury to offer a different from of intercessions than usual at this Mass; in place of spoken petitions, we make time for silent prayer, the lighting of candles and bringing forward of crosses, inscribed with the names of loved ones, to place before the altar as the choir sing the Kontakion- or vespers from the dead. Mass at 7pm.

There is something special about evening Mass. Let us come together and support these occasions in number to deepen our personal faith, to support one another and to show the centrality of the Christian feasts within our lives.

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4 thoughts on “All Saints & All Souls

  1. At a ‘slight’ tangent.

    I’m told by a friend who was there, that at the Fatima 100th Anniversary celebrations on 13 October it was estimated that more than a million pilgrims were present. Nothing in our media about that I notice.

  2. I didn’t think black was a liturgical colour anymore. I remember getting rid of our black vestments in the 70’s by burying our deceased parish priest in them!

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