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It has taken a while but I have settled on a logo design for the parish. For this I am indebted to Renata Pantone, a parent at St. Augustine’s school, who located a little known but rather wonderful sketch of St. Anselm produced by Frederick Wilson in 1912. Doesn’t our patron just exude dignity in this image?

The original image is owned by the Met museum in New York but in the public domain. The sketch was produced to enable a stained glass window to be placed in St. John’s Chapel in the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The idea is to use the image in a variety of ways within our parish. It will form the header on our website and a smaller version, encased as above, will be placed on letterheads and service sheets, etc… A little tightening up may take place but this gives you the general idea, I think, of what we are trying to achieve.

Choosing the logo was not easy as we received several fantastic entries from parishioners and well wishers alike. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Many of these were artistically more interesting/ambitious than this but I just felt this made the best overall graphic image and elevated our parish patron.

The colours of brown and green will be adopted to accompany the logo-  reflecting the natural setting of our village parish with its beautiful grounds and church yard.

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All Saints & All Souls


When the persecution comes…


  1. Harvey

    There is a headline in the Telegraph “Pope requests Roman Catholic priests be given right to marry” …….it’s starting……

    • David Knowles


      It never stopped in the Eastern Catholic Rites and exceptions have been made in the Latin (Fr. Ed?).
      Bringing the Mass to thousands of South Americans surely justifies ordaining married men.

      • Harvey

        Agreed, and next it will be women priests.

        • David Knowles


          As St. J P 2 said,’ the church does not have the authority to ordain women to the priesthood ‘.
          The term ‘woman priest’ is an oxymoron.
          If Jesus did not see fit to ordain His Mother or Mary Magdalen to the priesthood how can the ordination of any other woman ever be countenanced?

  2. David Knowles

    Love your logo!

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