Blessing of graves

Grave stones in the snow in balck and white

The annual blessing of graves will take place, a week today, on Saturday 18th November. Those wishing to attend can either meet at St. Anselm’s church at 10am or at the graveyard, to the rear of St. Peter’s Anglican church, at 10:15am.

November is always a month within the Catholic church when praying for the departed takes on a special significance. It is the month in which we keep All Souls Day and also Remembrance Sunday. The latter will be kept this coming Sunday. I am grateful to Deacon Robert who will represent the parish at the civic service, whilst I fulfil duties at St. Anselm’s, and lay a wreath on behalf of the Catholic community in Pembury.

November is also a good time to recall that official Catholic teaching stress the four last things. Death, judgement, heaven and hell. On death we face immediate judgment and those souls which chose to abandon God will go to hell. Those souls which achieved sanctification will be sent to be with the Saints in heaven. For those who died in a state of grace but who did not achieve sanctification on earth there is purgatory. A time when souls are purified prior to the last day and final judgement. These are the souls we pray for.

Rest eternal grant unto them O Lord. And let light perpetual shine upon them.

If you want a more detailed explanation of Catholic belief in purgatory then this is a good place to start.

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