Christ the King & Advent Carols

This coming Sunday is the feast of Christ the King. As ever the 8am will be a simple said Mass. But at the 9:15am Solemn Mass (divine worship) and 11am Sung Mass (nous ordo) we shall conclude our worship with benediction- falling to our knees in devotion before our King to  end the liturgical cycle of Sunday celebrations.

This Wednesday I meet with Aidan Lee, our cantor and director of music, to plan ahead for the Advent and Christmas services. First up is the Advent Carol service to be held at 6:30pm on Advent Sunday. Containing all the great Advent carols and readings it is a great way of focusing on this important liturgical season before it gets squeezed out early by all the premature Christmas festivity of the modern world!

2017 is unusual in that the final Sunday of Advent is also Christmas Eve. Whilst large city parishes have the luxury of being able to host multiple services that will be well supported, here in the village we need to be realistic. The plan is to hold a very simple Mass of Advent 4 at 9am on Christmas Eve morning- followed by the usual decorating of the church and time for confessions. We will then host our usual nativity service for small children and vigil Mass and Midnight Mass.

For full details of the Christmas programme – watch this space…


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