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Pembury transformed

I have created a youtube video to chronicle and celebrate the development of St. Anselm’s parish since the inception of the Ordinariate. Click the bottom corner of the view screen to have it enlarged.

The journey has been  incredible for all involved. There have been challenges and frustrations, especially in early days,  and much by way of joy and celebration. Today ours is a united happy parish in which Ordinariate members and diocesan Catholic have grown together as one family. This video celebrates that journey and achievement.

God has been good to us. Our budget was pretty much zero and most everything procured was purchased cheaply from salvage, donated or was due to be thrown away. It shows that you don’t need much to achieve a great deal in terms of ecclesial beauty. May it inspire others to bring back the beauty of Catholic tradition.

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Advent Charity 2017


He is coming and he is here!


  1. Fr Barry Tomlinson

    If you click the video is unavailable.

  2. Tony Hill

    The work of human hands. Superbly done, may you all continue to flourish.

  3. Fr Barry Tomlinson

    Well done, now it works well. You’ve done wonders there.

  4. Richard Griffith

    Very moving and incredibly inspirational. I’ve followed the faith journey of this community for many years, and have watched the Lord grow seed in this good soil where it looked like there would only be thorns. Bless you all

  5. David Knowles

    Well done everyone!

    Have you thought of asking EWTN to do a programme about your great achievement at Pembury?

    It would be fantastic if you could spread your enthusiasm and resourcefulness to other Catholic parishes.

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