On the feast of Stephen

Wonderful numbers at Mass this Christmas, especially for the Midnight, which was standing room only, and the Mass of Christmas morning. Indeed the only Mass  down on previous years was the vigil at 5pm – and that was almostly certainly due to having had a morning Mass of Advent IV with its own obligation! All in all then a wonderful Christmas for the parish.

Today a very quiet Mass for the feast of St. Stephen at 9am. Attending servers were blessed and thanked for their work at the altar. We sang Good King Wenceslas at the offertory; singing one carol at each low Mass in the days after Christmas having become something of a tradition now.

Happy Christmastide to one and all. Make the most of these wonderful days and this wonderful season. Mass at 9am every morning this week except for Thursday.

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1 thought on “On the feast of Stephen

  1. This carol is great depth of meaning :
    “Mark my footsteps good my page
    Tread though in them boldly
    Thou shall find the winter’s rage
    Freeze thy blood less coldly.”

    Apart from reaching out to those in any way in need, we should follow the ‘Good Footsteps’ in our own lives.

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