The feast of the presentation of Christ in the temple, also known as Candlemas, falls this coming Friday. There will be sung Mass at 8pm in St. Anselm’s followed by refreshments in the hall. Do please come and support our efforts to keep the feasts on their proper days. It so enriches our spiritual lives to maintain the proper rhythm of the church year.

The feast commemorates the moment that the infant Christ was presented, by Mary and Joseph, in the temple in accordance with Jewish law. He was presented to the old priest Simeon, who had been told, in a vision, that he would not die until he had seen the Messia. As Jesus was placed in his arms Simeon knew it was he and proclaimed that now, at last, he could die in peace for his eyes had seen salvation. A song of prophetic hope known throughout the Christian world today as the Nunc Dimittis. It is always recited at Evensong and has been fitted to some wonderful choral arrangements.


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