St. Anselm’s Lent Appeal 2018

The Catholic church upholds the dignity of every person from conception to the grave and is opposed to unnecessary violence in all forms. Meaning that whilst there is sometimes virtue in using force to defend ourselves and others from evil, there is never good reason for cruelty. A worthy reflection as we approach Good Friday when Jesus himself was subjected to violence at the hands of wicked men.

Freedom from Torture provides support to adults, young people and children who have survived torture, rape and organised violence. The organisation was established in 1985, and since then over 57,000 individuals have been referred for help. Many people are tortured globally each year and are targeted for a variety of reasons including ethnic origin, gender, religious, cultural or political beliefs. Many are tortured during conflicts around the world each year, where torture is used to instil a climate of fear and force people to flee.

Freedom from Torture seeks to help survivors of torture, and their children who have often witnessed violence, to heal and overcome the trauma they experienced.   A donation box will be situated in the narthex throughout Lent.

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