Early stripping of the altars

It was an austere Lent Mass in Pembury yesterday as we celebrated in a muted sanctuary and before a scaffold! Then, for the second week running, we stripped the altar after Mass and cleared the sanctuary that work can continue this coming week on the installation of our stained glass window. How wonderful that it should all be in place for Mothering Sunday.

As you see the side panels are now blocked and ready to be plastered internally. This week the stained glass frame itself will be carefully put in place, once a new and longer central panel to the existing window is fitted. Keeping the old window in place has a triple benefit- it cut the cost of installation, it ensures we do not compromise on weathering and it also protects the new glass from vandalism.

Once the window is in place we are installing a new external light beneath it, that we might illuminate the glass at night. Then the final touch will be to paint the sanctuary afresh and we are, yet again, indebted to Pat who has volunteered to utilise his professional decorator skills and ensure the job is done properly. His only condition being that I go nowhere near it myself!

Tomorrow I shall share with you the backstory of the window itself.

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