Saints in the Sanctuary

The reredos salvaged for our parish last year contains niches which have been screaming out to be filled. So it is great news that two new statues have been procured for the parish. Welcome Ss. Thomas More and John Fisher, English martyrs of great acclaim. The latter having once been bishop with oversight of our village.

As you can see the images fit the niches perfectly, taking up residency either side of the candlesticks on the main altar. You can also see that the plasterer has been and the new stained glass is fully installed. The manner in which the window has been set back into the wall adds much needed depth. Indeed it looks as if it was ever meant to be that way. The final phase of work this Lent will see the sanctuary re-painted in a paint called ‘Lapis Lazuli’, so a truer blue than is presently the case.

Ss. Thomas More and John Fisher pray for us, pray for the beautification of churches, pray for the Ordinariate and for the unity of the faith in this land.

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2 thoughts on “Saints in the Sanctuary

  1. Amn! The window is beautiful and the two Saints are lovely, looks like they were made to stand in those two niches!

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