The BBC wants to have cake and eat it…

BBC Radio 4 is at its best when it steps aside from a politically motivated agenda, that seeks to impose a new moral and cultural narrative, and focuses instead on impartial stories of genuine interest.

One such item, on the Today programme yesterday, was a perfect example. It reported on a study revealing a minority of people are born with a fourth cone allowing them to see colour in a superior way. These super visual people may see shades and colours the rest do not. Genuinely interesting stuff.

But then came the bombshell moment when the Beeb let slip it does not believe its own narrative. Because the report made clear only women are born this way. Which is odd given how much energy the BBC normally expends assuring us our sex is not objective reality but open to choice; as if we may choose to be male, female or any number of realities which our grandparents never heard of…

So unless the BBC can explain why nobody who identifies as woman (but was born with penis) has this extra cone..it must surely concede that all previous claims suggesting ‘gender’ is subjective are scientifically faulty. For this report made clear  the biologically determined differences between men and women. So which is it BBC? Do you uphold scientific fact as reported by yourselves yesterday or refute it? You cannot logically have it both ways.

Understand I have sympathy with those whose psychological state makes them question reality. Mental illness is no joke and such people need acceptance, love and support. Be gentle with those who suffer delusion; be it the anorexic who believes themselves fat, or those unable to accept their sex. But what such people do not need is a state sanctioned collusion in the delusion that contradicts truth!

It would be unspeakably cruel to gouge the eye and hack the hand off the person who believes they are Lord Nelson. So why do health professionals hand out drugs and perform mutilating surgeries on people, some of them only teens, who are deeply confused about their sex? And why do the media applaud this and act as if biological science is not a factual discipline?

The differences between men and women are biologically determined. They exist not only in fourth cones but at a chromosomal level and can even be seen in skeletal remains! It is high time  we stopped the ridiculous PC narrative that undermines objective reality and dared speak truth in love. Doing this does not mean we must be hard or cruel on vulnerable people who need our support. Disagreement is allowed in civilised debate and sometimes those who question our assumptions and beliefs are working very much in our favour.

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11 thoughts on “The BBC wants to have cake and eat it…

  1. “But what such people do not need is healthy people colluding in the delusion!”

    I am not convinced they are healthy.

  2. Gosh, I am so glad you cleared that up. There was I thinking the BBC was a public service broadcaster presenting informative programmes on topics of general interest – only to find that it is nothing but a bunch of liberal queers pushing a hidden, agenda. Furthermore, just as I was beginning to suspect that the twin issues of sexuality and gender might be somewhat complex, I learn that they are simply a matter of wedding tackle – or lack of it.
    As both a former rugby player and long time avid reader of this blog, I naturally accept that the (male) rugby player is the prime exemplar of unambiguous masculinity. I was, therefore, a little surprised to learn that five of the six fearsome Tuilagi “brothers” are professional rugby players whilst the sixth is “fa’afafine”. “Fa’afafine” is the Samoan word for a member of the “third sex” – an identity seen as perfectly normal in Samoan society and culture – as evidenced by the obvious affection and respect in which he is held by his brothers.
    Nevertheless, faced with the simplistic (sorry, simple) truth of your post, I will tear up my TV licence immediately. Further, I urge all readers to endorse Australian full-back, Israel Faleu, as a candidate in the next Papal election. Not only does he actually believe in Hell but he is also adamant that all LGBT people will wind up there.

    1. Don’t worry Steve. No doubt some forthcoming papal encyclical or Exhortation will carry a suitable footnote which will resolve all these matters!

      1. Thanks, David, Putting levity aside; I am not holding my breath. Yet, I am not without hope. I think Francis is realistic about what he can accomplish during his own Pontificate. Change in the Catholic Church seems to happen in geological rather than real time. A hundred years has passed since British women were granted the vote and yet today Vatican City is the world’s only state without women’s suffrage. He is playing the long game and setting out his agenda with courage, simplicity and clarity. He is also clear-sighted enough to know what he is up against:
        “39. Here we have to be careful. I am not referring to rationalism inimical to Christian faith. It can be present within the Church, both among the laity in parishes and teachers of philosophy and theology in centres of formation. Gnostics think that their explanations can make the entirety of the faith and the Gospel perfectly comprehensible. They absolutize their own theories and force others to submit to their way of thinking. A healthy and humble use of reason in order to reflect on the theological and moral teaching of the Gospel is one thing. It is another to reduce Jesus’ teaching to a cold and harsh logic that seeks to dominate everything.” (Laudete et Exsultate: Pope Francis, 19.03.2018)
        Nil desperandum. God bless.

    2. Be careful

      Some folk are intent in making trouble and they are not all militant atheists. P.F. very clearly does belive in Hell and has mentioned it in homilies – the anti-Mafia one is an example. He has also agreed the recruitment and training of a large number of exorcists (not the actions of a non-believer in the subject). The guy who made the statement is a known anti-religious atheist and troublemaker.
      But, think about it. There is a context in which Hell is not a place is a correct statement (the same applies to Heaven). Both must be outside the universe (cosmos) as we understand it because they are both eternal. The cosmos, as far as we know is not. It is impossible to provide location co-ordinates (addresses) for either.

  3. It is a self-evident truth that biologically humankind is divided into male and female. It is highly unfortunate that biology does not govern sexual attraction or acceptance of birth gender.
    Although the majority of humanity are busy procreating with the opposite sex, a sizeable minority who although they may be quite happy with their gender are only able to feel attraction for their own sex. An even smaller minority tragically feel alienated by their gender.
    Whilst a lot of nonsense abounds regarding gender and whilst it is entirely wrong for minors, or anyone else for that matter, to be told that gender is fluid or down to personal choice, it is true to say that in all probability a small minority may benefit from surgical intervention.
    That these two minority groups exist is an indisputable fact and to pretend otherwise, or indeed to expect these individuals to deal with their issues in accordance with traditional Catholic teaching is plain barmy!
    It is time for true Christians to ditch the bigotry and accept the reality of the lives of ordinary people. And please don’t bring up the silly comparison with the red herrings of bestialty, pedophilia or serial

    1. One can accept people without denying biological truth. Hence I urge care of such people. One can accept people whilst disagreeing with their conclusions. And, in the interest of balance, I once read that suicides amongst post-operative transexuals is much higher than pre because whilst their body changes- their troubled minds do not, and one realising a magic cure was not to be had profound depression sets in. Tragic.

    2. Biology does not govern acceptance of birth gender. Maybe not but I was hunting down truth not human desire. I might not want to accept many things in life that happen to be true. I do not expect society to play along with me when in such denial.

  4. The BBC is a purveyor of state propaganda – beware anything they broadcast. Their constant references to the negative aspects of Brexit in favour of remain arguments are a prime example.

    God bless all,


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