R. I. P. Ruth Pye

Many moons ago, in Anglican days when I was curate of St. Thomas of Canterbury Church in Brentwood, I met one of those inspiring Christians whose virtue is manifest and whose devotion is obviously deep. That person was Ruth Pye and she became not only a parishioner but a friend.

Ever since I knew Ruth she was a walking miracle. Through prayer, determination and grit she overcame a virulent form of cancer, being nursed in an isolation on several occasions,amazing medics in the process. She would go on to live for years beyond what was anticipated which was a blessing to her family and friends and especially her children.

Around the time that the Ordinariate sprang into life, Ruth converted to the Catholic church. Unable to join an Ordinariate group locally she became a member of the Catholic Cathedral in Brentwood. Her support for the Ordinariate was evident by her prayers, her love of this blog and the gift she regularly gave to our parish here in Pembury.

Last week Ruth lost her battle with cancer but, I strongly suspect, won the battle of life. She will not have feared death but will have been excited at the prospect of meeting God face to face. The 9:15am Mass in Pembury, this morning, was offered for the repose of her soul. Please pray for her and for her family.

Jesu mercy, Mary pray. Rest in peace a genuine friend of Jesus and a friend of mine. A stellar example of faith lived out.

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2 thoughts on “R. I. P. Ruth Pye

  1. Dear Father Ed,
    The words you have used have captured the very essence of Ruth and we truly thank you for them. We have indeed been blessed by having her with us in our family for longer than we had ever imagined possible. She has left the pain and suffering of this world and gone to her heavenly rest she so deserved.
    John, Joshua, Dominc and Grace.

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