A message from Ghana

St. Anselm’s has a long established link with Ghana, courtesy of Fr. Joseph Aduse, a Ghanaian priest and great friend to the parish. Via Fr. Joseph, parishioners have supported several Ghanaian children and young people through education. This week one of those young people, Lawrence Akanzoe, wrote to update me on his situation.

He writes: “Greetings Father. I’m sending greetings to you & the entire parish from Ghana. I’m now doing my National Service with the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) which will end on August, 2018. Apart from the CHRAJ office work, I sometimes go to schools to educate the public on the laws of children. Children’s rights. These are some of the picturs of me and the children with their teachers.I want to be a Lawyer in the future. But it is very unfortunate that there  is a massive graduates unemployment here in Ghana which is a cause for worry. I also pray fervently for you and the entire Parish.”

It was really good to hear from Lawrence and we really hope he gets the break he needs to progress with his plans to become a lawyer. He is a very bright, hard working and able lad and has really proved himself worth investing in. We have been trying to get Fr Joseph back to Pembury for our special evensong in July, but VISAs are proving stupidly difficult at present. Do please continue to pray for Fr. Joe and the church in Ghana. We will undoubtedly look to support them further in the near future.

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