Catholics in the Wild West

Pembury be on alert because outlaws are coming to town. The good news being that we are fully booked for this year’s eagerly anticipated holiday club ‘Catholics in the Wild West’. This means 35 primary school aged children are lined up to don spurs, craft cactus and paint head-dresses as we explore 19th Century North American history.

Now some people might consider the lawless West a very dangerous place for the children of our parish to explore. But do not be concerned for these are experienced and intrepid explorers who, in recent years, mastered journeys to Space, explored under the Sea, trekked on Safari and overcame Tigers in India! Perhaps it is the wanted men who should fear. Here is the most notorious of all who, rumour has it, is planning to escape the country before the club begins.

The holiday club is always great fun, enjoyed by children and helpers alike. But it is only possible thanks to the organisational genius and dedicated hard work of my wife Hayley. She spends most of her spare time in July preparing craft, ordering equipment and planning each day meticulously. We are also indebted to all who assist her with prep and help on the day. Less than a week to go and the excitement is mounting…

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