Catholics in the Wild West: photos

A little late but time to share some of the wonderful photographs taken at our children’s holiday club: Catholics in the Wild West. It was a brilliant week and everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, from the youngest children to the oldest helpers!

Cactus are being painted here by one of the youngest groups. The children having been grouped by age into various Indian Tribes- the Comanches, the Sioux, the Novajo and the Cherokee. Each began the camp by decorating a teepee in which they could gather each day for instruction.

As ever the craft was first rate; all of it having been meticulously planned by Hayley who puts a great deal of energy into leading it each year. Having burned the candle at both ends in the run up to the club she is deserving of much thanks and praise. Below we see the children creating a modern take on native American jewellery.

In between craft activities and games in the paddock there was time for relaxation and laughter. Here we see Father Nicholas, ever eccentric, being taught, at his request, to state “can I buy some coconut water from your cousin’s stall” in Malayalam. It proved no problem to our talented children!

The clergy dogs were also in attendance on the first day. Coco and Aeschylus receiving an awful lot of fuss and a goodly proportion of most sandwich lunches.


Each day the children listened to a talk on the history and culture of the Wild West era. They also had a short talk from me on the faith and how it unfolded in that place. We chose three amazing people from that era, two saints and a blessed, and also considered how the primitive animism of the native Americans, whilst faulty from a Catholic viewpoint, demonstrates man’s desire to know God. This animism inspired the Totem Poles and we thoroughly enjoyed making our own.

The children also made puppet horses. These were great fun and painted in a wild array of different colours. Including pink stripes?!?!

All in all it was a fabulous three days and it is little wonder that the club is now over-subscribed each year. In three packed days we managed to do a huge amount of children’s work as a parish. A massive thank you to all who helped in any way. And also to the children who behaved impeccably and helped make it all a lot of fun.

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