The good news

After such a grotty post yesterday I thought, in the interest of balance, today should be about celebrating all that is good in the church. Because aside from this awful crisis in the Vatican, which must be dealt with to maintain credibility, there is so much to thank God for- though it rarely makes the news.

Did you know that each and every day the Catholic church:

Educates more people…

Provides hospital care for more people…..

Feeds more people…

Clothes more people….

Shelters more people…

Brings healing and forgiveness to more people….

Than any other organisation on the face of the earth. Within our 1.4 billion strong church the vast majority of bishops, priests and deacons are hard working and decent men who love the Lord and sacrifice much to build up God’s kingdom on earth. A great many lay people regularly give their time, resources and gifts to the service of the church and find meaning and purpose and guidance for life. We have a magnificent heritage and a firm deposit of faith that endures in all ages. We have some of the most beautiful buildings on earth and can be proud of our contribution to Western Society.

In our own parish in Pembury, looking only at the last fortnight, there has been a magnificent response to our emergency Kerala appeal and people are returning to the pews from holidays with smiles on faces and much good will.

All of which is to state that God is, as ever, active. He can be found in all churches where people worship with sincerity, in all the acts of kindness and love offered in his name each and every day. He is there amongst the poor and the suffering and there for all who call on his name. The faith has not changed and any who follow it authentically can and will find grace. There is much to be thankful for. We must never forget that.

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3 thoughts on “The good news

  1. Great post Father!
    What other organisation could have survived for two thousand years with such inept management (there being a few notable exceptions) and survived so many onslaughts both from within and without unless it was founded, divinely, on a rock!

    1. Aye indeed!
      Perhaps we should remeber the Russian saying (I can’t remember the exact words) to the effect that when evil stocks the land we should rejoice because The Lord is coming close at hand.
      Also we must remember :-
      Matthew 18:1-10 and Matthew 13:24-30.
      There is a Gaelic hymn (Ag Críost an Síol), which never sounds quite right sung in English or by a non-Irish speaker. The opening, to me, expresses an appropriate prayer for the current situation.

  2. Hello Father,
    Please be advised that there is another Solemn High Mass at St Agatha’s on 29th September 2018 (to honour Our Lady of Walsingham). Beginning at 11am, Fr Anthony Glaysher will preach and the choir will be singing Mozart’s Sparrow Mass. Refreshments follow and naturally all of your readers are welcome.
    Thank you and God bless

    St Agatha’s, Market Way, Portsmouth

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