Pembury flower festival

Pembury old church is a gem which was built almost one thousand years ago. In pre-reformation days it was pastored to by Norbertine priests and monks from nearby Bayham Abbey.

Today it is one of two Anglican buildings run by the one parish. A Victorian construction serves as the main church being situated by the village green; the old church, now cut off from the majority of the village by a main road, is used for occasional services and doubles up as a chapel for Kent College; the school Jemima joined this September.

This weekend the old church is hosting a flower festival celebrating the life of the poet Robert Browning, whose daughter was married in the church. And, as you can see, it really is an impressive one.

The displays were produced by various local groups, from the WI to the local primary school who placed children’s displays in Wellington boots! They were charming!

And thanks to Trudy- Saint Anselm’s also had a fine display to offer! This evening was the opening of the festival and we were treated to a glass of bubbly and nibbles. Jemima escorted me and ensured the crisps did not go stale!

Tomorrow there is to be a musical concert in the church and on Sunday the festival ends with a celebration of Evensong. A huge well done to all the organisers. A lot of hard work has gone into it and tonight was a resounding success.

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