Wedding snaps

Yves and Angel-Ann were married at St. Anselm’s earlier this summer and many of you will remember praying for them at Mass. They have kindly sent some photographs of the day. Weddings are, lamentably, rare occasions in the life of our parish so it was a wonderful occasion for all concerned. I really enjoyed it! The ceremony was conducted according to Divine Worship the special liturgy of the Ordinariate.

The wedding was a cosmopolitan affair with the universality of the Catholic church in evidence. Not only did we have a French groom and Indian bride, with family from both nations in attendance, we also welcomed guests from Sweden and several other countries too. They all lined up afterwards with confetti and there was plenty of smiling all round.

It wasn’t the only wedding being celebrated this summer. My only niece, Rebecca, was also married to a lovely young man named Jacob. They tied the knot in an Anglican ceremony, presided over by my father, at the church they attend in Chistlehurst.

As I was not needed in a clerical capacity, and because my prime role for the day was being fabulous uncle, I opted for shirt and tie. The Tomlinson boys were also told to brush hair and shoes and make themselves presentable and they really came up trumps. Didn’t we look smart!

Meanwhile Jemima was on cloud nine having been chosen as a bridesmaid- indeed in the weeks running up to the big day my ears might have started bleeding from all the wedding chat she threw my way! Here she is pictured with her beautiful mother.

But my very favourite photograph of the day is undoubtedly the following. It shows the boys deep in conversation about cake. In truth it was an amicable moment, the boys love each other dearly, though the caption looks as though it ought to read- ‘Is that my cake? No! But this was your orange juice!!”

Do pray for married couples. How they need prayer and support now that we inhabit a society in which the traditional family is attacked on many levels. Yet it remains the place in which children can be raised in accordance with God’s will. And it remains a sacrament worthy of protection. How pleasing to see couples still opting for the church. May God richly bless them for the whole of their earthly lives together. Don’t forget you can click on the images to enlarge them.

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