Cardinal Mueller speaks out

EWTN have released a video in which the excellent Raymond Arroyo interviews Cardinal Mueller. The Cardinal bravely speaks about the handling of the abuse crisis in a helpful and honest way and says some very important things. I especially welcomed his suggestion that rules need changing to enable the CDF to investigate, without papal approval, Cardinals and bishops accused of grave sins. If you have a half hour to spare this would be a very good use of that time. It really does shine a light on many of the current controversies and helps us understand them better. The video is below. The interview takes up the first half hour of the programme.


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2 thoughts on “Cardinal Mueller speaks out

  1. He is right that rule change is needed, At present, there is no way to ‘defrock’ a bishop, Change to Canon Law is needed, if it is even possible to ‘defrock’. Removal from active pastoral office may be the only possible action, at present. The CDF which got responsibility for abuse cases in 2001, in view of its track record, is not now a suitable venue. It never had enough resource, probably because no one realised the extent of the problem. Also it has been alleged that it did not act in accordance with the instructions of Pope Francis to immediately acknowledge letters complaining of abuse and deal with them speedily. One member , at least, of the abuse advisory board left quoting lack of progress and foot dragging.

    The cardinal is right to say that clericalism (which Pope Francis has often denounced) is not the root of the abuse problem but it did contribute to the infection of the church and the spread of the rot. The secular world is likewise badly affected. Note the recent Norwegian horror story about a state child/family mental specialist and the government’s apparent reluctance to act to remedy matters. Also a recent estimate was that there were at least 80000 predators lurking on line. That is just two examples, I’m sure readers will know of many others.

    The ship of the church is under massive attack and sails stormy seas. But, The Lord has given is guarantee of survival. The storms will probably cause some fellow travellers and stowaways to jump ship. So it is also a test of faith.

    You might need another item headed something like:- ‘Cardinal Ouellet speaks out’

    With regard to Viganò’s rant, I note that Cardinal Ouellet has written an open letter stating that Vigano’s accusation against Francis was baseless, and “blasphemous.” Quellet was supposed to be Viganò’s ‘star witness’. But the cardinal is scathing in his response to Viganò. The full text is in various locations.

    1. Ouellet’s letter was remarkable. As my assistant priest, a barrister, notes- it is heavy on personal insult and polemic but very short on actually disproving or rejecting Vigano’s claim. Indeed, if anything, it backs them up. Strange times and only adds fuel to the fire.

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