Unexpected growth

Long time readers of this blog will remember that, in August 2016, we introduced an 8am Said Mass on Sundays. The purpose was to create a slot in which rugby playing children, and the parents who coach them, could get to Mass on Sunday morning. You might also remember that my reasons for doing this were largely selfish. I wanted to ensure my own son, Benny, could attend Mass and play rugby on Sunday morning. And as you can see from the picture above- he is doing precisely that!

It was for this reason that I was firmly committed to offering this extra mass even if it proved to be unpopular and ended up with just myself and him before the altar. In terms of my expectations I maybe hoped for a handful of faithful worshippers each week as tends to be the case for 8am Communion services in Anglican churches.

God had other plans. And within a few weeks we had to move out of the Sacred Heart Chapel because numbers were improving. And this growth has continued and this morning, for the first time, we reached an impressive 50 worshippers of all ages! What is more amongst the 50 were half a dozen boys who play for Tunbridge Wells Rugby Football Club- all of them kitted out and ready for action. Today being the Blackheath Tournament.

How wonderful to have all these people through the door before either of our principal services were offered. It seems the 8am Mass is here to stay.

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3 thoughts on “Unexpected growth

  1. I am writing to every priest I encounter who disparages and lies about the Holy Father publicly to rethink his vocation. If you cannot remain united and at least respectful of the Pope and believe in his sacred call, then you needs to consider leaving the Church for a Protestant denomination. Enough! Rogue, insolent priests are as damaging to the faith as sexually abusive priests.

  2. It’s a great idea when my own son played rugby at crowborough steel cross we had to go to mass at 6pm on a Saturday it caused a lot of inconvenience for familylife mind you getting him out of bed was no easy chore on a Sunday either lol .

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